That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 60

Josie was anxio 60us because she had been careless. The direct messages on Twitter were
permanent. They could be seen even if the IP address was changed!

Dexter closed his laptop and said coolly, “Why are you worrying?”

“How can I not! He traced it back to me! He’ll find Nicole sooner or later. Oh, that’s right. Nicole’s
parents… I haven’t reported it to the police. I’ll do it now!”

Josie was too anxious. She wanted to report it to the police, but her cell phone fell on the ground.
Dexter grabbed her trembling hands and slowly said, “Calm down! I’ve sent people to look after
Nicole’s parents. If Justin does anything, I will know at once. I’ve also gotten people to pressure the
casino. You don’t have to report to the police for the time being.”

Josie was startled. She never thought that he had made a move.

“What about me? If Justin can’t find Nicole and keeps coming to dead ends, he will come after me.”
She valued her life, and there were too many things that she hadn’t done. She couldn’t die like that.

Dexter frowned, displeased. “What are you afraid of with me around?”

With him holding her hand tightly, Josie lost her sanity. The words ‘with me around’ swirled around in
her heart. She didn’t know how to reply at that moment.

Upon seeing that she had stopped trembling, Dexter let go. “Mason Garden has strict security. Non-
residents have no way of getting in, just like Russell Group. He can’t do anything to you.”

“But what about when I go to work and leave work… And when I visit my dad at the hospital. What
should I do if he camps out at one spot?”

Dexter pursed his lips tightly. “From today onwards, we’ll go to and leave work together. As for going to
the hospital, if there’s a clash in our schedules, I will get someone to go with you.”

In other words, if there was no clash of schedules, he would go with her.

Josie clenched her fists unconsciously. “Actually… you don’t need to protect me like this.”

“This is my duty.” Dexter didn’t think that it was strange. “Since you’re married to me, I am responsible
for your safety. But of course, that’s only if you listen to me.”

Josie ignored the paradox in what he said and nodded at once. “I will! If you ask me to jump, I will ask
how high!”

Dexter gave her a strong sense of security. After all, as the business executor of Russell Group, he had
a unique identity. Josie wouldn’t die if she obeyed him.

Dexter twisted his fingers gently and felt her warmth from just now.

“I have to remind you of something.”

“What is it?”

“You used Nicole terminating the engagement as an excuse to try and stop Justin and his mom from
getting the sum of the medical expenses. But Justin is heavily in debt. He might become more extreme
when he reaches the end of his rope. How will you stop him?”

Dexter hit the nail and got to the bottom of things at once.

Josie had a splitting headache, but she understood. “I didn’t overthink it at the time. I emphasized the
wedding and forgot about this.”

“Then what do you think I should do? I believe they can’t get the medical fees, but I’m afraid they will
lay a finger on my dad!”

“Wait and see what happens.”

At night.


Josie woke up with fright. She had a dream where Justin held a knife against her neck as he asked
about Nicole’s whereabouts. She was so spooked that she cried out loud.

There was still lingering fear in her heart when she woke up. She stood on the moonlight-filled balcony
and was lost in thought. She kept thinking about one question — Why did I call out for Dexter in my

It seemed like he had been protecting her since they got married.

Am I… slowly starting to rely on him?

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