That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 55

Josie kept checking the situation outside and barely slept the whole night.

Thankfully, Justin did not show up at all that night.

At daylight, Nicole came out of the hotel carrying a bag and hailed a taxi to head to the transportation

Josie thought of waking Dexter up. But when she turned to him, she realized he had already opened
his eyes and was looking at her.

She felt goosebumps from his gaze. “Erm…”

Dexter pressed his brow and instructed the driver, “Follow that car.”

The early morning air in Wavery carried a hint of saltiness of the sea. Soon, there were more cars on
the road and people moving about. Josie stretched her waist and felt aches all over her muscles and
joints. Since her body ached, she could imagine it must be worse for Dexter, who was used to a life of

The thought made her feel even more remorseful.

After quietly escorting Nicole to the transportation hub, the driver turned to Dexter and asked, “Mr.
Russell, would you like to return to Mason Garden or the company?”

Dexter considered briefly and answered, “The company.”

Josie only dared to suggest softly, “Perhaps you should go home and rest this morning.”

She was all right because a social animal like her was used to staying up late. However, she was
concerned that Dexter would get sick.

Dexter snorted and responded sarcastically, “Will you be helping me with my work?”

Josie had nothing to say. She knew she could not handle his work.

As the head of a publicly listed company, every second of his working hour was valuable. After all,
every department waited for his decision. Thus, Dexter had to go to work.

He could not afford to rest.

Josie asked the driver to stop as the car neared Russell Group. “I’ll get off here!”

Dexter frowned slightly and guessed her intention. However, he could not resist messing with her. “Do
you find it embarrassing to be seen in the same car with me?”

Josie looked at him incredulously. “If I am seen getting out of the car with you, the tabloid will dig up
everything about me, including my ancestors, and put them on the news tomorrow.” She clasped her
hands and pleaded, “Mr. Russell, please have mercy on my ancestors and let them rest in peace!”

After saying that, she rushed out of the car with her backpack as if trying to escape. Then, she ran
toward the company.

“Ungrateful brat.” Dexter raised his eyebrows, but his mouth curved up slightly.

Josie ran for a while and saw Dexter’s Porsche speed away. Then, she suddenly thought of something
and entered a breakfast shop by the street.

“Miss, what would you like to have?”

“Erm… Can I get the pancakes to have here? Also, I would like a hash brown, two bacon sandwiches,
and a latte for takeaway.”

Food prices had risen rapidly. Ten years ago, a bacon sandwich would only cost a coin each. But now,
she had to pay five coins for one. Thus, Josie usually wouldn’t buy them for herself.

However, these were for Dexter. Josie had no idea how she could thank him for what he did last night.
Then, she remembered he had not had breakfast. Therefore, she rushed to send the food to him.

Thus, Josie carried the breakfast and took the elevator from the underground car park. Since it was still
early, she hardly met anyone on her way to his office.

She would see someone occasionally, but they were people she did not know from other departments.

Dexter had a private break room in his office. He would stay there whenever work was hectic. It was
complete with all kinds of amenities. Dexter was tired, so he decided to take a bath first.

When Josie reached the top floor, no one was in the secretary’s office. Thus, she quietly sneaked into
Dexter’s office and found it empty. Where’s Dexter? Hasn’t he arrived at the company?

She could not figure out where he was. Thus, she had no choice but to put the breakfast on his desk.
She pulled out a sticky note from her bag and wrote a message for him. ‘Thank you for your kind
assistance, Mr. Russell. Please enjoy the breakfast.’

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