That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 56

As Josie was about to leave, the break room door suddenly opened.

Dexter had just finished his bath. His hair was wet, and he wore a white shirt with two top buttons open,
revealing his exquisite collarbone.

Water droplets flowed from his hair strands and down his neck. Josie widened her eyes and gulped.

Dexter suddenly stopped toweling his hair and narrowed his eyes. “Josie? Why are you here?”

“I… I came to deliver breakfast.”

Suddenly, Josie found herself stuck in a quandary. It was too awkward to stay but too rude to leave.
She clumsily pointed at the food on the table.

Josie tried to figure out how she could explain that she did not mean to see him in this state. She did
not know that he could bathe here.

Dexter was suspicious of her and went to the desk to have a look. He seemed seductive as he bent
over it.

Then, he read the sticky note and smirked. “At least you have some conscience.”

But what are these oily things?

Before Josie could explain, sounds of conversations came from outside. It seemed the staff at the
secretary’s office had arrived.

Oh no, what will people think if they see me? Josie panicked and made frantic gestures to Dexter,
pleading with him to help her.

Dexter pursed his lips and took the breakfast on his desk. “Follow me.”

Then, he closed the break room door and locked it.

Soon, someone knocked on the door. It was Ivy. “Mr. Russell, are you in there? I noticed water droplets
on the floor.”

Josie leaned against the door. Her heart was in her throat. She even forgot to breathe.

Dexter sat on the couch and replied expressionlessly, “Yes, I’m going to rest for a while. Don’t disturb

Ivy paused before continuing, “Did you work overtime? Why didn’t you ask for my help? I…”

“Please leave.”

Ivy was stunned for a moment before replying in the affirmative and leaving the office.

Josie slid from the door and sat before Dexter. Her expression was that of despair. “What am I to do
now? Your secretary has come to the office. How am I to leave?”

Dexter’s office is connected to the secretary’s office. Anyone in the secretary’s office can see someone
leaving Dexter’s office.

If they see me leaving his break room… My reputation will be ruined.

Dexter pretended not to hear her and opened the oily lunch box. He brought out each food item and
frowned with disdain. “What are these?”

“They are delicious!” Josie became even more nervous. She picked up a plastic fork. “This is a hash
brown. It’s nice and crispy!”

“These are bacon sandwiches. They put in good smoked bacon and caramelized onions. They are

“This is a latte. They roasted the coffee beans the night before and made it fresh per order. They even
use fresh full cream milk.”

Josie introduced the food as if they were treasures.

Dexter narrowed his eyes. Josie was currently in the highest room in Wavery. There was endless traffic
on the road below and numerous buildings behind her. Despite being in such a grand place, she did not
seem out of place sitting here, introducing him to cheap breakfast.

“I only eat toast and drink Americano in the morning.”

Those words immediately extinguished Josie’s enthusiasm. Although she knew the breakfast she had
bought meant nothing to him, somehow, she still wished for his approval.

“Sure… This breakfast is considered grand for us ordinary office workers. I’ll eat them. You better not
regret it later!”

Josie pretended not to care and reached for a bacon sandwich. However, Dexter suddenly snatched it
from her. “Who says I’m not eating?”

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