That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 57

Dexter ate elegantly. Even though he was only eating a sandwich, he made it a mesmerizing spectacle
and did not seem cringy.

Josie was stunned. Then, Dexter raised his eyebrows. “The taste is nothing special. It’s not as nice as
the ones I’ve had before.”

His words surprised Josie even more. Does this mean Dexter lived like an ordinary person before this?
Wasn’t he brought up in luxuries?

“Is… Is that so? Have you had it before?”

“When I was little,” Dexter replied. He remembered a distant memory but did not elaborate on it.

Josie knew her place and did not ask any more questions. She turned around and looked at the
beautiful scenery below. It felt like she could see everything from here.

“The scenery is beautiful. It must be even more amazing at night.”

Dexter took a sip of the latte. It tasted as lovely as she described.

“Do you like it?”

“I do, but I will feel lonely if I stay here for a long time.” Josie hugged her knees and sighed. “After all,
it’s lonely at the top.”

Hearing her, Dexter stopped eating and felt a throbbing sensation in his heart.

She was the first woman to enter his private break room and was also the first to verbalize what he had
hidden deep in his heart.

However, Dexter felt a repulsion toward her and did not like that she understood him so well.

“What do you know about being lonely at the top? Have you figured out how to get out of here?”

Josie pulled out of her thoughts and panicked. “Oh no! It’s almost office hours. Claire will give me
trouble if she realizes I haven’t clocked in. Argh! My attendance for this month is ruined again!”

Is there anything more frustrating than being in the company but unable to clock in?

“Has Claire assigned the order from the beverage company to anyone?” Dexter suddenly recalled the

“No, she probably wants to handle it herself.”

Josie had tried to compete for it but failed.

Dexter leaned back on the couch. He left his shirt collar open wide, making him seem relaxed. “I heard
negative things about your new manager. Why didn’t you complain to me?”

Josie laughed. “I’m not a kid. Moreover, would you believe me if I told you? If you had shown favoritism,
you wouldn’t have given her the manager position, right?”

She answered him frankly.

Then, Dexter stood up and grabbed a jacket from the cloakroom. “Wait for me here. Don’t come out
unless I tell you to.”

Josie finally dared to check the place after he left.

It was spacious. The whole layout should be at least one hundred and fifty square meters. It had a
cloakroom, a minibar, a bathroom, and a bedroom. This place had everything.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was his second home.

Her legs turned numb. She sat on the couch and waited for his order.

Meanwhile, Dexter gave instructions in his office. “Send this document to Lagoon Capital. They have to
make some more amendments to the contract terms.”

“Sure.” Ivy took the document. She could not resist stealing a glance at Dexter. He seemed to be his
usual self.

He rarely stays in the break room these days. Why did he stay there last night?

“Is there any problem?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’ll head out now.”

“Call in the rest. I have instructions for them.”


Other than Ivy, three more staff were in the secretary’s office. They were all outstanding at coordinating
matters in the company.

They walked into the office respectfully and faced the expressionless Dexter.

“Mr. Russell, did you ask to see us?”

Dexter grunted and said, “I need you to head to the marketing department and bring me the marketing
plan for the new project for my approval.”

“What’s going on in the finance department? Why haven’t they submitted the report for the new
quarter? I need you to head there and chase them for it. I want to see it today.”

“Also, about the venture capital, tell Alex he better finds a suitable investment. Otherwise, he and his
team should leave.”

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