That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 61

The Project Was Given to Her

Dexter kept his word. Every day after that, he started going to and leaving work together with Josie.

Their time never matched up, Josie didn’t want him to wait for her since she was troubling him.

But she never knew that Dexter was an early bird. She had to wake up two hours earlier daily. He
would work in the car while she dozed off at one side.

Just like that, she was forced to be the earliest employce in the design department every day.

“Josic, has… your dad’s condition worsened?” Alice was torn for a long time and finally asked amid the
anticipation of Team B colleagues.

Josie was drowsy and wasn’t feeling herself. She said, “What are you saying? Of course not.”

“You’re the earliest to arrive and the latest to leave daily. You’re almost a model worker. Even if it is
amazing, you can’t do this… Or are you trying to move Claire with your sincerity so she can give you
the beverage company’s project?”

“Can’t just purely adore my job…” Josie almost couldn’t keep her eyes open but was still stubborn.

Alice was puzzled. “No way. You’re the most anti–capitalistic person in our department. When have you
ever not left work on time? But recently, you’ve worked at least two hours of overtime. Mr. Russell will
give you an award when he sees you like that. What on earth is going on?”

Josie couldn’t even force a smile. She almost couldn’t hold on anymore.

She was working overtime for two hours because she was waiting for everyone in the office to leave
before she went up to the top floor to look for Dexter. After all, he hadn’t gotten off work. She would go

to his break room to wait and sleep.

He was swamped. He had conference calls and online meetings one after another. He also had to sign
contracts, review project progress, check product details, and so on… Most importantly, Dexter didn’t
seem to feel tired. When he finished his work, he could even knock on the break room door and taunt
her. “Are you sleeping comfortably on my couch?”

Josie would usually wake up from her dreams in surprise. “Are… are you off work?”

Dexter would usually reveal a smug expression at this time. “It looks like the five tubs of ice cream in
my refrigerator will expire.”

Josie was dumbfounded.

When she thought about it, her lips couldn’t help but curve. She answered Alice, “I dare say that no one
in the company works overtime more than Mr. Russell.”

Fortunately, working overtime every day for two hours wasn’t wasted. Josie was making progress on
one of the projects she had been working on. It was a hundred–year–old wine factory that was
outsourcing. After looking at her plan, they were delighted and hoped she could participate in designing
the label.

If this project went through, Josie wasn’t thinking of a bonus. It was the five tubs of ice cream in Mason
Garden’s refrigerator! It was finally almost the day to eat them. Haha, I would never let them expire!

“What are you giggling about, Josie?” Claire tapped Josie’s desk impatiently with some documents.

Josie came to her senses. She coughed lightly and tilted her head in confusion.

Claire threw the documents in her hands onto Josie’s desk. After that, she leaned close to Josie’s
workstation. “Didn’t you want the beverage company project? Here you go.”

Josie raised her brows. “Why? I’ve asked you for this project a few times, but you refused to give it to
me. Why are you giving it to me now?”

The beverage company had an incredible corporate vision. If the project succeeded, Claire could make
a name in the advertisement design circle.

Josie thought Claire refused to give it to her because Claire wanted the opportunity for herself. Josie
had given up and was prepared to throw herself into the wine factory project, but Claire suddenly did
this. ·

There must be something fishy going on!

“You’re amusing. You’ve been asking for it every day, but you don’t want it now that I’m giving it to you.
What on earth do you want, Josie Warren?”

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