That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 62

Pretty Tricky


Josie raised her brows. “I’m not saying I don’t want it. There has to be a reason, right?”

“The edits they want suit your style, so I’m willing to give you this opportunity,” Claire said arrogantly,
seeming selfless and generous.

Josie didn’t believe her. Everyone in her department was sly. How could Claire easily let go of


“But I’m already following up on a new project. I’m afraid I won’t have time to take over.”

“You have no right to reject it. Our superiors have discussed this project, and I’m your manager. You
can leave if you don’t accept the work I appoint you. The design department doesn’t need you.”

Claire was telling her to take it or leave.

Josie ran her tongue across her teeth and said craftily, “I can take over, but say what you want to in
front of me. Don’t come and manipulate my design after I’ve taken over.”

Claire sneered and walked back to her office without saying anything.

After Claire left, Josie flipped through the documents apprehensively as she thought about how to turn
down the wine factory’s project. She undoubtedly would not have enough energy if she accepted it, so
she had to give one up.

A male colleague from Team A suddenly walked over and stopped at Josie’s workstation. He looked
like he had something to say.

He had pursued Josie in the past and had always been weak and cowardly. He drifted apart from her
after discovering she had gotten married. But now…

“What’s up?” Josie asked impatiently, venting her rage on him.

He glanced at Claire’s office and quickly said, “The company of this project doesn’t have the IP
copyright. It’s with the boss‘ ex–girlfriend. Claire has talked to her a few times but to no avail.”

After that, he disappeared into the washroom.

Josie suddenly understood. The cover design was involved with copyright problems. If the boss‘ ex-.
girlfriend didn’t yield, they were done for. It was pretty tricky. No wonder Claire had given it to her.

“How cunning.” Josie took a sip of water irritably. She explained it to the wine factory’s boss in a
message and turned him down tactfully.

The other party expressed regret but scarcely realized that it also pained her.

Alice rolled over on a chair, feeling aggrieved. “I knew the wolf in sheep’s clothing wouldn’t have good
intentions! How can the copyright be with the ex–girlfriend? What do you plan to do?”

Josie was also thinking about it. She guessed the couple had set up the beverage company together
early on, and the ex–girlfriend took the copyright with her when they broke up.

Relationship problems and business rivalries were complicated.

“Never mind. I’ll try my best.”

No matter what, Josie was interested in the project not only because it had good prospects but also
wanted to prove that she could succeed in a project that Claire couldn’t!

At ten at night, Dexter opened the break room door and raised his brows unexpectedly. “The sun is
rising from the east.”

Josie wasn’t sleeping today. She was before her laptop brainstorming. Her hair was in the way, so she
pulled it into a ponytail, revealing her exquisite features.

At this time, Dexter suddenly realized that she was quite pretty.

He walked to her, and his expression suddenly turned nasty. “You’re on Twitter?”

Josie raised her head. “Correction. To use professional jargon, I’m doing due diligence!”

She dug out the beverage company’s boss‘ sock puppet Twitter account. She discovered it was filled
with his dating stories, but it was last updated three years ago. That must have been when they broke

“Why are you looking at this?”

“To see if I can find the reason for their break up.”

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