That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 63

Justin Is Detained

The couple used to be very sweet. Josie could tell they didn’t have much money three years ago and
used to live a difficult life.

Dexter glanced at it and saw that it was about sappy dating life. “You can tell from this?”

“Of course. It may look sweet, but the man must have polished it up. You can tell if you look carefully,”
Josie said adeptly as she scrolled down.

Claire wasn’t completely devoid of conscience. The ex–girlfriend’s address was in the information she
gave Josie. But without locating the pain point of the problem, Josie didn’t dare to make a move.

Dexter raised his wrist and glanced at the time before patting her head. “Let’s go.”

Josie was distracted. “Why are you so early today? Hey! Mr. Russell! Wait for me, Mr. Russell!”

Josie didn’t know if Justin didn’t appear because she went to work and left work together with Dexter.
To avoid an incident, Josie had deliberately called Matthew. She had requested him to watch the
hospital on her behalf. However, he didn’t see Justin.

In the car, Dexter received a call. “Sir, the matters you instructed are settled. He owes the casino
money, so it’s a regular procedure for us to detain him. Don’t worry.”

“Mm.” Dexter looked at the woman who was still on Twitter. He paused. “Don’t let anyone know that
he’s in your hands.”

“I understand.”

Josie suddenly cried out after he ended the call, “I’ve got it!”

Dexter put his phone down slowly. “What is it?”

Josie pointed at a tweet excitedly. “This was the reason for their break up!”

‘There was a dinner party last night, and the company invested two million in us. I was happy and
drank too much, but I didn’t know why a woman was next to me when I woke up the next day… I’ve
hurt Shanny. It’s only natural that she doesn’t want to forgive me.‘

It was a big surprise. Josie clicked her tongue as she shook her head. “He cheated on her physically.”

“So she won’t give us the IP copyrights, will she?” Dexter tapped his fingers subconsciously.

“Not just that. If I were this woman, I would sell the copyrights at a high price so he can’t get it back.
Stupid man!” No wonder Claire kept hitting a snag. It was only natural!

“So, what do you plan to do?”

“I” Josie was momentarily silent before her gaze landed on Dexter. She had a crafty smile. I have to
create empathy to get her trust… Mr. Russell, can you help me with something?”

The next day.

Dexter had a business meeting at night. He said to Ivy, “I’m going out for a while. Make it an online


Ivy packed everything hurriedly. “Are you going out for work, Mr. Russell? The meeting can be
postponed. I’m willing to come with…”

“It’s personal. You don’t have to postpone it. I can go alone.”

Ivy was slightly startled. During this period, Dexter had done away with her reporting work processes
every morning in the car and stopped bringing her along when he went out.

There were rumors at the office that Dexter did it to avoid arousing suspicion and was pushing her

It seemed like the two really had no relationship!

“Will you be alone, Mr. Russell?”

Dexter typed on his phone with one hand. ‘I’m downstairs. After that, he answered without turning
around. “Mm. Coordinate the online meeting.”

At a café by the beach.

There were many offices nearby. Many white–collar workers would come here after work to have a cup
of coffee and refresh themselves.

“I’ve been with you for seven years, but you cheated on me!”

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