That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 64

Put on a Show with Her

Dexter frowned slightly as he watched the woman before him suddenly get agitated.

Josie felt the surrounding gazes and gave him a meaningful glance as she was being humiliated. React
a little, man!

“I said I had too much to drink.” Dexter was slightly impatient and anxious as he defended himself.

“How could you sleep with her if you had too much to drink? I think you just wanted to have an affair.
Even if I give up seven years of my life for a dog, the dog will guard my house. What about you? I
stayed with you through tough times, and you’re fooling around with other women now that you’re
better off! What do you treat me as?!”

Josie spoke tearfully. She was in character and threw her cup on the floor. She watched the woman in
a red dress at the bar out of the corner of her eye.

The woman dropped what she was doing and looked over.

“It was an accident. I love you. You love me too, don’t you? Why can’t we put this behind us and start


Josie sighed in admiration when she heard it. He’s a pretty talented actor.

“How can we start afresh? When I see you now, all I think about is you and that woman in bed. You
disgust me. Go away. I want to break up with you. Get lost!”


“Beat it!”

Josie privately signaled Dexter, and he returned to normal as he left.

He sat in a car parked by the roadside and immediately took out his laptop. He cleared his throat. “Let’s


Ivy’s hesitant voice rang. “Mr. Russell, are you done with your matters?”

“… Mm. I am.”

At that moment, Josie was crying as she crouched on the ground. Soon, the woman in red walked over
and put a coat around her.

“Don’t cry, girl. It’s not worth it.”

Josie looked up tearfully. “Thank you… Actually, I want to forgive him. These seven years are too
important to me, but I really… can’t get over it… I’m sorry. I’ve forgotten my manners.”

Josie played the role of a woman who had been cheated on in great detail.

The woman’s lips curved, and she gave Josie a glass of wine. “You don’t have to feel sad or regret.
Men are like this. They love you when they need you and treat you like a burden when they don’t”

“Mm… Oh, by the way. You are…..”

“I am the boss of this café. You can call me Ms. Jones.” Ms. Jones had an elegant demeanor and was
slightly unbridled. “I thought you’two were very well–matched when I saw you walking in, but I never
thought such a thing had happened behind the scenes.”

Josie forced a smile, but she silently felt apologetic to Dexter.

And the man in question was in the car, listening to his employees‘ reports. Still, his gaze was fixed on
the woman talking happily to Ms. Jones in the café. Around ten minutes later, she walked out in a daze
and opened the car door before immediately turning lively.

“Haha, Mr. Russell. How is my acting? Aren’t I very talented?”

Dexter pressed a key and muted himself on the video call. He taunted her coldly, “It’s a shame you’re

an actor.”

He reacted quickly, but the people in the meeting had heard a fleeting woman’s voice and seemed to
be laughing.

Is he with a woman?

Ivy, who was sitting in and taking meeting minutes, gripped her pen tightly. It was as though there was
a venomous snake in her heart!

“I have to say that your acting needs more work. It was too stiff!”

Dexter narrowed his eyes. “I’ve never cheated. How would I know how to play that role?”

“Have you never watched television dramas?”


“Your life is so boring!” It was unimaginable to Josie.

Dexter was just about to answer when a voice came from his laptop. “… Mr. Russell, is anything wrong

what I said?”

Josie’s eyes widened. Is he in a meeting?

Sol… 3

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