That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 65

You Didn't Give Me a Chance to Speak

Dexter unmuted himself. “No. I want to talk about a few points.”

As he spoke seriously, Josie covered her mouth throughout. She feared others would hear her. As the
man said words she didn’t understand, his mischievous gaze met hers.

She suddenly felt like she had done something wrong, and it made her tremble.

“That’s all for today.”

When the meeting ended, Josie breathed a sigh of relief. She wailed in despair, “Why didn’t you tell me
beforehand that you were in a meeting? I… You… I… They must have heard it all!”

Dexter didn’t tell her the truth. “You didn’t give me a chance to speak.”

“What should we do?!”

Dexter was disdainful yet assertive when he saw her being so anxious. “So what if there’s a woman
next to me? They would only find it strange if I didn’t have a woman with me.”

“No…The main point is that I… Never mind, you won’t understand it!” Josie had a dismayed

Dexter suddenly laughed. “Tsk. I seemed to have forgotten to leave the call.”

Josie was enraged at that moment, and she immediately looked over at his laptop. It was blank, and
only the desktop was shown. He wasn’t on a call anymore.

She waved her hands in frustration. “Dexter Russell! You’re so childish!” He was bored enough to play
a joke on her!

Dexter put his large hand on her flailing head. His voice was relaxed. “How was your talk with her?”

“I didn’t tell her my identity because I must progress slowly. I will come for the next few days.”

“You’re coming again?”

Josie mistook his question for impatience, and she immediately said, “I can come alone next time.”

The sound of waves on the sand was pleasing to the ears. He asked, “What about Justin?”

“He… This is so far away from Russell Group. He shouldn’t be able to find me. And he hasn’t appeared
for the past few days. Perhaps he said he would kill me to frighten me.”

Josie analyzed clearly and logically. She was embarrassed for constantly troubling Dexter.

“It’s because of your carelessness that bad luck never leaves you. If every bad person in the world was
like you, no bad people would be left,” Dexter snorted coldly as he drove away quickly.

Josie immediately put on her seatbelt. “Then… Then ask your driver to come with me. He’s tall and
strong. There won’t be any problems if he’s protecting me.”

The irritation in Dexter’s heart continued increasing. “Whatever!”

How strange. Dexter was fine just now. Why is he suddenly getting angry?

Josie had promised Ms. Jones that she would come daily to chat and relieve her depressed mood.

Ms. Jones was a good person. She kept urging Josie not to do anything to hurt herself, no matter how
sad she was.

Josie couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty when she thought about it. Lying was terrible, after all.

When Josie was prepared to head there again the next day, she saw a familiar figure in the car. Dexter
was leaning in the backseat with his eyes closed. Surprised, she asked cautiously, “I thought the driver
was going to send me…”

“You’re overthinking. I just happened to get off work.”

“It’s so early. Don’t you usually work until ten…”

“You talk too much. Do you want to go?” Dexter opened his eyes and interrupted her questions.

Josie immediately stopped. “Yes!”

Actually, she would feel more at ease if Dexter was with her. And for some reason, she felt better after
he snapped at her.

Can this be a sense of security? She looked down and broke into laughter.

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