That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 70

Josie felt uneasy throughout the journey due to the dream. Sitting beside Dexter, she didn’t know
where to place her hand and was experiencing shortness of breath.

After settling some tasks on his phone, Dexter looked at the bracelet on Josie’s wrist. “You’re getting

used to it now.”

Realizing what Dexter was talking about, Josie pointed at the ring on his ring finger. “You too. Practice
makes perfect.”

Following that was a suffocating silence.

As soon as they reached Russell Mansion, Josie immediately got out of the car because she couldn’t
stay beside Dexter anymore. However, she walked too fast and accidentally sprained her left ankle.
She lost her balance and nearly fell to the ground.


“What’s the hurry?” At that very second, Dexter supported her waist with his strong arm and pulled her
into his


Josie was stunned to see Dexter’s worried look. She quickly pulled away from his arms and muttered,
“I–I’m okay.”

Suddenly, Henry’s cheerful voice emerged from the entrance. “What a sweet couple.”

Josie waved her hands and wanted to explain, but Dexter pulled her back into his arms and said,
“Grandpa, Jo accidentally sprained her ankle. Do you have some ointment?”

“Of course. Quickly bring Jo in.” Henry stopped teasing them and ordered Marilyn to retrieve the
ointment. Dexter carried Josie in his arms and strode into the house. Josie subconsciously encircled
his neck with her arms and stared blankly at his jawline.

“Actually… I can walk on my own.”

“Go ahead if you want to fall down.” Dexter frowned in anger.

Josie didn’t dare to say a word.

After Dexter placed her on the couch, Marilyn brought the first–aid kit and passed the ointment to
Dexter. “Are you okay?” she asked.

Henry was worried sick. “Shall we send you to the hospital?”

Josie was amused. “I’m fine, Grandpa. It’s just a minor sprain. It won’t take long to recover.”

Dexter crouched at the side and spread the ointment on his hand before massaging Josie’s ankle.
Josie’s ankle was so thin that he could easily encircle it with one hand. He paused his hand
momentarily on Josie’s ankle and massaged it professionally.

Perhaps it was due to psychological effects; the pain dissipated as Josie felt the warm sensation in her


Noticing Josie’s gaze, Dexter lifted his eyes and reprimanded her, “You should be more careful.”

“I…” Josie felt like a child being reprimanded by her father after committing a mistake.

Henry smiled mysteriously at the side and comforted Josie. “Don’t take it to heart. Dex always speaks
like this. He seems to be angry but is actually worried about you. He’s angry because he cares.”

Really? Josie cast an inquisitive gaze at Dexter, but the latter didn’t look at her and went to wash his

Oh well, I guess so.

Josie uttered with a smile, “Don’t worry, Grandpa. I know Dex well.”

Henry beamed from ear to ear.

Josie hadn’t seen Henry for half a month and was concerned about his health. She held his hands and
exhorted him repeatedly to take his medication on time and get enough rest. She wasn’t putting on an
act. She liked the old man not only because he was kind and loving but because he also treated Josie
genuinely. As such, Josie willingly cared for Henry, even if it wasn’t for Dexter’s sake.

“I don’t have a grandfather. I treat you like my own grandfather.”

Dexter was returning after washing his hand when he heard her words, and he halted his step.

“Oh. Did your grandfather pass away when you were young?”

Josie didn’t intend to explain her situation, so she nodded readily.

“I see. It’s okay, I’ll be your grandfather from now on.” Henry already liked Josie, but his affection for her
grew deeper upon hearing what she said.

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