That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 67

She's Married

Josie didn’t insist. The higher social classes had refined tastes. Dexter was willing to try street food for
once, but not necessarily the second time.

So, she enjoyed the barbecued squid happily herself. The squid was fresh and juicy. “I regretted it, Mr.


“Regret what?”

“Those memories have caused deep pain for Ms. Jones, yet I’ve been trying to approach her and
remind her of the past. This seems unethical.” Josie felt pangs of remorse. In fact, she, seldom felt
sorry for her clients over the years. She had no sympathy for them and only focused on the
commission. Nothing mattered as long as she could close the deal.

However, this time was different. Shannon spent eight years in the relationship. Not only was she hurt
deeply by the scumbag, but she also had to return his stuff to him, allowing him to garner the benefits.
That was unfair!

When the smell of seafood wafted into Dexter’s nose, he subconsciously wanted to rub his temples but
put his hand down after reaching it out halfway.

“Do you remember the full name of Ms. Jones?”

Josie stopped chewing her food and answered, “Shannon Jones.”

Dexter picked up the wooden skewers Josie placed on the table and broke them casually. “The owner
of Kennon Corporation is Kenny Green. He’s single.”

Josie had heard of Kenny’s name but never thought of the origin of the company’s name. “D*mn! So
the company is named after both of them?”

Seeing the barbecue sauce stain on Josie’s mouth, Dexter wasn’t disgusted but added indifferently,
“Shannon Jones is a married woman.”

“What?!” Josie was shocked to hear her assumption overturned. She grabbed Dexter’s wrist and
asked, “Really? How did you know?”

Dexter didn’t answer but stared at her slender hand. Indeed, obtaining this information was a piece of
cake for an influential man like him.

“So, Ms. Jones has let go of the past and has gotten married, but Kenny Green couldn’t get over her,
so he named the company after them. He was the one who couldn’t let it go. But since Ms. Jones has
already moved on, why wouldn’t she give the IP copyright to Claire?”

Dexter only received the related information on his phone half an hour ago. Josie was surprised that he
was aware of so many facts. “Mr. Russell, why are you suddenly interested in a small company’s

Dexter typed his reply on his phone with one hand. “To help my employee achieve her sales.

Josie was a quick–witted woman. She soon figured it out as she babbled on. “… which means I should
target Mr. Green instead of Ms. Jones. I got it now!”


After wiping her hand with a napkin, Josie was about to leave, but she suddenly realized that would
make appear ungrateful. So, she sat down again with a smile. “Mr. Russell, are you sure you don’t want

to have some? The seafood here is fresh. Why don’t you pick some items that you like? I’ll buy the


It was rare for the stingy Josie to make an offer.

However, Dexter replied aloofly, “I’m allergic to seafood.”

Josie stood dumbfounded at the spot. Oh shucks! I forgot about that!

Dexter stood up and threw the broken skewers into a rubbish bin. “You’re the most irresponsible
employee I hired.”

“I… forgot to bring the paper today.” Josie mumbled. Then, she took the box of turnips and caught up
with Dexter. “What about some turnips? Please try some, Mr. Russell.”

Dexter frowned when he was presented with the box of stir–fried turnips. He had heard of this
ingredient but never tried it due to its root–like appearance.

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