That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 68

Settled the Project

Josie beamed from ear to ear under the street light. “Try some?”

Dexter was hesitant while Josie picked a piece of turnip with her hand and sent it to his mouth. The
moment he chewed it, a weird taste filled his mouth. He coughed and instantly spat it on the beach.
With that, the wave washed away the bean sprout.

Josie burst into laughter. Previously, Dexter had teased her several times, and it was finally her turn

Dexter wiped the corner of his lips with his finger and turned to see Josie’s long hair blowing in the sea
breeze. She covered her stomach as she laughed, emanating a lively, refreshing aura.

If Leanne were still here, she would have grown into a woman like her.

Josie’s smile faded when she noticed Dexter staring at her intently. She apologized readily, “I’m sorry.”

Dexter averted his gaze. “Let’s go.”

Josie was surprised that Dexter wasn’t irritated.

After going home, Josie immediately searched for information related to Kenny and made an
appointment with his assistant.

Kennon Corporation was a relatively new, moderate–scaled company. Josie was thirsty, sitting in the
meeting room.

Kenny was a middle–aged man. He behaved in a composed manner and exuded the charm of a
mature man. He said in a quandary, “I understand your meaning, Ms. Warren.”

Josie nodded. Her effort to explain the situation to him was not in vain.

Kenny uttered bitterly, “However, I’ve not seen her for three years. She hates me, so I’m sure she won’t
transfer the copyright to me. According to your description, since you’ve already obtained her trust, why
don’t you continue engaging her?”

The sun was scorching hot in the afternoon. Josie could feel the heat from the sun that shone on her
back through the window.

“Mr. Green, I asked Ms. Jones if she has any regrets toward you. Guess what she said?”

Kenny clasped his hands together anxiously. “What did she say?”

“She hopes all is well with you.”

Kenny was relieved and surprised.

“The designer from our company approached Ms. Jones but failed to persuade her. I reckon even if I
ask her personally, I might not be able to get it. But things might be different if you ask her.”

“Ms. Warren, I… Is the copyright that important to you? You can explore other avenues…”

“Kenny, what’s your fear?” Josie interrupted Kenny and called him by his first name. Kenny was

“You don’t dare to meet her.”


“You betrayed the woman who loved you the most but didn’t dare to face her. Her eight years became
a joke because of you, yet you avoided her. What a coward.”

Kenny remained silent in acquiescence.

“She’s married. You should meet her one last time, even if it’s not for the copyright.” Josie played her
trump card. The man before her was surprised and showed a hint of loss as a sudden realization hit

Back in Mason Garden, Josie received a call from Shannon after she came out from the bath.

Shannon momentarily remained silent and mocked, “It turns out you guys are business partners.”

It seems like Kenny has gone to meet her.

Josie was at a loss for words to defend herself. Every relationship would become impure when it was
associated with interest. True enough, her motive was impure.

“He cried in front of me today, saying he’ll regret it for a lifetime. My hatred was suddenly gone when I
saw him teared up. He can never forget me – this is the cruelest punishment. So, I’ve decided to let go
of the copyright. My assistant will engage you tomorrow. Congrats, Ms. Warren.”

Shannon’s tone was tinged with sarcasm and dismay.

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