That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 69

Josie stiffened for some time before mumbling, “I’m sorry, Ms. Jones. I admit – I backstabbed you out
of my personal interest. Please accept my sincere apologies.”

A soft laughter emerged on the other end, accompanied by the sound of the sea breeze. “I don’t blame
you. He might never come to meet me if it weren’t for you. Now, I can finally move on. You’re a kind
girl. I believe you can design a cover that can touch people’s hearts.”

Josie was relieved to be acknowledged by Shannon. She could only keep thanking her.

Suddenly, Shannon asked, “The man with you that day isn’t your boyfriend, am I right?”

“Yeah… He’s my boss.” Josie was embarrassed.

Shannon laughed. “Your acting skill has room for improvement.”

After hanging up the call, Josie remained in a daze for a moment before she squealed in excitement
and trotted to Dexter’s room. She knocked on his door, hoping to share her happiness with him.

Dexter was about to go to bed. When he opened his door to see the woman whose face turned red
from excitement, he was stunned. “Don’t say anything first.”

Josie nodded.

“Did you obtain the copyright?” Dexter asked astutely.

Josie jumped with exhilaration and couldn’t hide her joy. “I can finally start my design! I’ve gotten the

Leaning against the door, Dexter wore a subtle smile. Josie embraced him excitedly and quickly let go
of him.

“Thank you, Mr. Russell. If it weren’t for you, things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly. Oh my gosh! I’m
so happy!”

Dexter’s body froze for a second as the warm sensation left him. He smiled and said, “Congrats.”

“Thank you!”

“Tomorrow’s weekend. Grandpa asked us to go back for a meal.”

Josie answered naturally, “Okay. I’ll get ready.”

Just then, she sensed something strange. She lifted her face to meet Dexter’s gaze, which was filled
with gentleness and even adoration.

It felt natural, as if they were husband and wife who had been married for years…

Dexter, too, noticed the change in the atmosphere. He let out a cough and took a step back. “Have a

Josie stood numbly at the spot as her heart pounded heavily. She almost fell for his gentle gaze just
now! Why did he show such emotions?

That night, Josie had a dream – Dexter and Josie were strolling by the beach, holding hands on an
ordinary night. He told her they would be together forever.

Josie couldn’t see his face clearly in the dream but was certain that the man was Dexter, despite
knowing he couldn’t possibly be so gentle and patient with her.

The dream felt surreal as if it happened in reality.

The next day, the sun had risen when Josie woke up. Her cheeks blushed uncontrollably. What on
earth are you thinking about, Josie? He’s Dexter Russell! How can you have improper thoughts toward

Just then, Julie knocked on her door. “Mrs. Russell, are you awake? It’s time to go.”

Josie quickly got out of bed to wash up and asked, “Where’s Dexter?”

“Mr. Russell has been waiting for you for some time.”

Only then did Josie realize she had overslept! After dressing up, she hurriedly put on the ring and
bracelet. When she went downstairs, she saw Dexter, who wore a casual white blouse and a pair of
black pants, standing in front of the window, emanating a warm aura.

She hurried downstairs and panted, “Sorry. missed the alarm.”

Dexter narrowed his eyes; he rarely saw Josie in a flustered state. “No worries. Let’s go.”

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