That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 74


She had disappeared for thirteen years.

It happened during a rainy day like this, as if the deluge would engulf the world.

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It was their first day of school for the new year. Old Mr. Russell had repeatedly advised them to focus
on their studies. He even reminded Leanne to look out for Dex so he wouldn’t get into trouble at school.

At that time, Dex was in ninth grade. He patted the girl’s head and complained, “I should be looking out
for her so she wouldn’t get herself in trouble!”

Despite his scornful remark, his face was plastered with a wide smile.

The girl beside him was unhappy with his teasing and jumped up to gently knock his head. “How many
times have your parents been called to school because of the fights you got into the past three years?
I’ve never once got in a fight! Grandpa, I’ll make sure to guard him properly at school.”

Old Mr. Russell was humored by their light banter and laughed cheerfully, “Leanne is a good girl. Dex
has been listening to you since you were both young.”

The headlights beamed downstairs, signaling to the rest that her driver was there to pick her boundless
fog surrounded the night scenery as there was a heavy downpour.

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Dexter held her hands when they went downstairs. At that time, he was already a young man who
excelled in multiple areas and carried an air of pride with everyone around him. But she was the only

exception. In front of her, he was gentle and patient.

“Dex, I’ll get going now then. See you tomorrow!”

Dexter opened the car door for her and replied with the corner of his lips lifted meaningfully, “Alright,
let’s have the cafeteria’s beef burger for lunch together.”

Her eyes were gleaming with excitement.

The car disappeared into the foggy night in no time.

It was the last time they saw each other.

For the last thirteen years, he has been searching for her, but he has not been able to find any leads on
where she might be. It was like she had disappeared into thin air. After this incident, his family also lost
touch with her family.

Dexter sat on the sofa for a long time, slowly drifting into a dream of a scene he had longed for.

“Mom! Mom! Please take me with you! I want to follow you!”

The boy’s voice traveled with the wind, leaving silence in its wake.

The black car was speeding along without realizing that a boy was running after it from behind. The boy
lost sight of it after it made a turn.

Dexter was only seven years old. He had tripped on the tarred road, and his hands were bleeding from
his fall. His tears fell onto his wound, but the pain couldn’t be compared to the excruciating weight on
his chest.


Chapter 74 Dex

His mother had abandoned him.

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Dexter was a reserved and calm boy since young. He rarely cried, knowing he would be hated if he
threw a fit. As he was reminded of that, he quickly wiped his tears and pleaded with blood smeared
over his face, “Mom, I won’t cry. Would you come back if I stopped crying?”

At that moment, a car was approaching from behind and stopped beside him. He lifted his head and
called, “Mom…”

But he saw a little girl in a tiny ball gown holding onto a doll as she exited the car.

“What happened?” The little girl reached out her hand and spoke with a sweet and gentle voice, “You’re
hurt. Let me help you up.”

Seven–year–old Dexter glared at this girl he hadn’t seen before without saying a single word until his
grandfather’s employee carried him away.

Since then, he would always see her as she lived near him and went to the same school.

“Hello, you can call me Leanne. I just moved here, and I haven’t found a new friend. I live close to you.
Would you be my friend and play with me?”

“What’s your name? I heard them call you Dex. Can I call you Dex too?”

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