That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 71

Call Him Dad

Dexter waited for them to finish speaking before approaching Josie from behind. He helped her tidy her
hair and said, “Incredible. You snatched Grandpa from me with hardly any effort.”

He spoke in a half–joking tone and moved closer to Josie’s ear.

Josie speedily analyzed his actions to determine whether he was acting or sincere. The result mattered
to her, but unfortunately, she could not conclude.

“Nonsense, you and Josie are married and are a family. How can you still be arguing who owns what?”
Henry raised his cane and scolded.

Dexter raised his eyebrows and smiled as if to humor a child. “Sure, we are family.”

Josie could not help but smile. Their interactions made her feel like she was Dexter’s wife.

Dexter thought to carry her to the dining table since she sprained her ankle. However, Josie gently
pressed his hand as he got up.

“I can walk on my own. You don’t have to trouble yourself.” Moreover, that kind of close contact made
her flustered.

Dexter pressed his hand on the back of her head and whispered, “Grandpa’s watching.”

Although they separated quickly after the conversation, Henry could only see they were very much in
love. That calmed his worries.

During dinner, Henry asked about Josie’s family situation. “Dex mentioned your father is still
hospitalized. Is he better now?”

“No, the doctor said recovery will take time. It depends on God’s will,” Josie replied frankly.

“I see…” Henry pondered briefly before continuing, “You two have been married for some time but
haven’t had a wedding dinner. Moreover, I haven’t met your parents. What about I arrange a time to
visit your father? Even though he is unconscious, I believe he will be happy to hear you have married.”

Josie jumped in shock. Her father would be furious if he had known that she got married without his

She glanced at Dexter with panic in her eyes before waving her hand. “No, you mustn’t. You’re not
feeling well, so it’s not wise to go out, especially to a hospital.”

“I’m much better now. Don’t worry. We mustn’t skip on some basic social courtesies.”

Dexter calmly placed a bowl of soup before Josie.

“The doctor said her father’s condition improved considerably. I believe it is only a matter of time before
he wakes up. Once he does, we can organize a meeting for everyone to meet properly. What do you
think?” Dexter explained steadily.

Henry considered and thought Dexter’s words made sense. Still, he scolded, “You little brat. What do
you mean by her father? Didn’t I say you and Josie are now a family? Her father is now your father.
You should call him Dad!”

Josie widened her eyes and was stunned by Henry’s words.


How would I dare to make Dexter call my father Dad?

“Erm, Grandpa…”

However, Dexter grabbed Josie’s hand under the table and stopped her. “I forgot. I’ll do as you said.”

His response made Henry even happier.

Josie felt conflicted and turned to Dexter.

After the meal, Josie and Dexter headed to the room on the second floor.

“You don’t have to take what Grandpa said to heart. There’s no need for you to call my father Dad.”

Josie sat on the soft bed and worried he would misunderstand.

Dexter turned on his laptop and had to deal with sudden work matters. “Grandpa is right. We are a
family in a sense. It doesn’t matter that I address your father as Dad.”

Does it really not matter? Dexter was usually againstthis kind of thing.

Josie sprawled on the bed. “You have work?”

“Yes, I have to review an urgent project.”

Josie stopped disturbing him. She wondered if it was because she had just eaten. Sprawling on the
bed made her feel sleepy.

Initially, she was able to resist. She later caved in and instantly fell asleep.

Dexter wondered why she was so quiet and glanced to the side. He found her hugging a pillow and
sleeping soundly.

She was only around a few dozen centimeters away from him.

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