That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 66

I Hope He's Well

Josie played full well the role of a woman who had been cheated on. Ms. Jones would make her a drink
every night. “Go home and sleep well after you finish this drink.”

Josie lay on the bar and asked in disappointment, “Have you been in love, Ms. Jones?”


She saw Ms. Jones suddenly laugh. “At my age, of course, I have.”

“Is there anyone you can’t let go off? Someone you can’t forget.”

“… Yes.”

“Tell me about it. You’ve listened to me rant so much. It’s time for you to tell your story,” Josie said

“It’s almost like your situation.” Ms. Jones laughed bitterly. “I grew up with a man but was dumped.”

Josie pretended to be speechless. “No wonder you understand men so well. How long were you with

“Eight years.”

“… Do you still love him now?”

Ms. Jones glanced at Josie and laughed in exasperation. “You’re really a young girl. It’s been three
years since we broke up. How can I still love him?”

“Not necessarily. Although some people might not love their exes anymore, their exes may have a
special place in their hearts. Is that true for you?”

Ms. Jones hesitated slightly and nodded. “Yes.”

It was easier for Josie if Ms. Jones said yes. After all, Ms. Jones had feelings of her own.

“What kind of a man is he?”

“Actually, he’s flawless.” Ms. Jones was caught up in her memories. “He treated me well. When we
were broke, he would buy me a small cake even if he had to skip a meal. I had everything other women
did. After he got rich, he was willing to spend on me. He bought me a car and a house and gave my
family hundreds of thousands in cash. He was even willing to give me the original stocks in his

Josie was surprised. “But he still…”

“Yes. I was very hurt at that time. Who could I trust if someone who loved me so much could cheat on
me? Back then, I felt what you’re feeling now, so I understand your feelings. Even if you reconcile with
him now, I would understand.”

Josie was at a loss for a moment. “I’m sorry, Ms. Jones…”

–“It’s fine. It’s in the past.”

“Do you have any regrets about him?”

Ms. Jones thought about it. “I hope he’s doing well.”

After walking out of the café, Josie felt slightly dazed. This time, she wasn’t pretending.

She walked for a while and realized Dexter was leaning against the car and looking at a girl fishing by
the road. There was an imperceptible smile in the corners of his mouth.

Josie walked over and sighed. “Men are disgusting.”

Dexter looked at her from the side and was displeased at her indiscriminate generalization. “Why?”

“Is every man like this? Even if they don’t change, they can’t restrain the desire in their hearts after they
gain power! At the end of the day, they lose what’s most precious to them!” Josie berated indignantly.

“Not me.”

Josie was about to retort when she raised her head and saw his smooth lower jawline. She paused.
“That’s right. You’ve always been powerful. How would you have any


Dexter was speechless and pushed her head. “Let’s go.”

“No. I want to vent my anger!”

After that, she walked to a barbeque stall at the side. “I want this and this. This one, too. And this one
as well!”

When she turned and saw Dexter’s confusion, she added, “I want turnip too.”

The fragrance spread far and wide, and her food was ready shortly. Josie pulled Dexter and sat at a
table. “Do you eat these?”

The small table had no space for Dexter’s long legs. He furrowed his brows. “I don’t eat everything.”

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