That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 72

An Old Photo

Dexter looked at her for a while and smiled. He did not mind seeing such a scene.

Likely due to not having enough sleep last night, Josie slept soundly and woke up to find it was already
three in the afternoon. She rubbed her bleary eyes and noticed Dexter was still seated in the same spot
and busy with work.

“How long did I sleep?”

Dexter raised his wrist to look at the watch. “Three hours.”

Josie scratched her head in embarrassment and thought she had slept too long. “Are you done with
work? When will we be leaving?”


Must he keep replying so curtly? How boring.

Josie was bored as she lay in bed. She briefly pondered Kennon Corporation’s cover design on her
phone. Then, seeing Dexter was still busy with work, she limped around the room to check it out.

She was in a rush last time and did not have a chance to look at the room closely.

After a while, Josie found a study next to the bedroom. It was connected directly to the room. There
was a wall full of books. The shelves also contained a few interesting things.

“Dexter, can I go in for a look?” Josie leaned against the wall.

Dexter did not seem to mind. “Go ahead.”

He grew up in Russell Mansion and still kept many things there.

Josie sat on the floor and saw a large box. She opened it and found that it contained toys from

She picked up a slingshot and mumbled, “He’s no different from an ordinary kid when he was little.
Why is he so different as an adult.”

Then, she searched deeper into the box and found a colorful girl’s hair tie. She laughed at her find. It
was hard to imagine Dexter playing with a girl as a kid.

The box also contained a half–used pencil, cards with good wishes, and… a photo.

The photo was stuck at the bottom of the box and gathered dust. Josie brushed off the dust and found
Henry in the photo.

Henry looked younger in it. Two children were standing beside him. The boy was good–looking and
smiling happily as he held the girl’s hand.

Josie frowned as she looked at it.

Why does the girl look like me?

I don’t mean how I look now. She resembles me when I was a kid!

The resemblance was so uncanny that Josie’s hand trembled.



However, she knew that girl could not have been her as she did not know Dexter as a kid and had

been here.

Could there be such a coincidence?

Before Josie could consider further, heavy footsteps sounded outside the study. “I’m done. What are
you doing?”

Dexter suddenly fell silent when he discovered Josie sitting on the floor with a photo in her hand.

Suddenly, fury clouded his initially gentle gaze. He dashed forward, snatched the photo from Josie, and
shouted, “Who allowed you to touch it!”

“I…” Josie stood up immediately. The sudden movement left her ankle in pain. This time, Dexter did not
reach out to support her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I took it without thinking.”

Dexter checked the photo and confirmed it was undamaged. Then, he put it back into the box and
closed the lid before turning to Josie sternly. “You shouldn’t touch things that are not yours. Did your
parents never teach you this?”

Josie’s heart sank. She had no chance to explain and could only apologize. “I didn’t plan to…”

“Enough! Our relationship is not so close that you can pry into my private affairs. Josie, don’t forget that
what we have is only a business deal. You should know your place.”

After saying that, Dexter hugged the box and left the study. It seemed that box was important to him.
Perhaps even more precious than his life.

Josie stood quietly for a while. Once she came to her senses, she touched her face and found it wet.

She had been crying. D

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