That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 73

A Substitute

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Marilyn went upstairs to find her. As she didn’t see Josie in the main bedroom, she went into the study
to look for her. When she finally arrived, she was startled at the sight of Josie, whose features were all
clouded into a shape of despair and disappointment.

Marilyn was flustered to see her in that state. She slowly approached her and said, “Josie, Dex has
already left the house. I’ll call a taxi to send you back home: Is that okay?”

Josie closed her eyes. She had too much pride to drop her dignity.

She believed he would let his guard down and show care and patience to her. She also thought that he
would be the one to save her whenever she was in danger, proving that she was someone special to

But she misunderstood him.

Dexter was wise beyond his years, and nothing could bring him down as he faced his problems
fearlessly. With his intellect, it would take a few lifetimes to be up to par with him. Josie assumed that
he only helped her out of kindness.

Everything seemed clear as day to Josie as she pondered over his actions.

Dexter looked like a completely different person when he was fuming with anger. His calm and
composed demeanor had disappeared, and his deep eyes narrowed into an icy cold glare when he
looked at her.

As she continued to ruminate, realization dawned upon her. There was no meaning attached to his
help. To him, she was only as significant as the grass by the street that would never amount to anything

“Jo?” Marilyn called her worriedly.

Josie pressed her lips into a tight–lipped smile and replied, “Alright, I’ll go downstairs after packing.”

Before she left the Russell Mansion, Old Mr. Russell fidgeted as he mulled over his thoughts before
finally speaking up, “Kid, it must’ve been hard for you, but it’ll get better over time. Dex is still hurt from
the past. Please understand him,” he related as he patted Josie’s hands.

How could she have a future with Dexter? After accepting the reality, Josie summoned up a smile,
saying, “Grandpa, I’m not having a hard time. I understand it’s hard for him.”

Old Mr. Russell let out a sigh of relief.

“Could I know what’s the girl’s name?”

She went straight to the point, putting Old Mr. Russell on the spot. “She’s Leanne. She grew up with
Dex and was kind and considerate like you.”

Josie went silent. She must be a nice girl if she’s receiving such high praise from Grandpa.

In the car, Josie recalled the face of the girl in the photo. As she noticed how Old Mr. Russell avoided
revealing too much about the girl, Josie concluded that Leanne was the girl who went missing. She was
someone Dexter cared about a lot.

They were childhood friends. But why did she end up disappearing? And why did she look identical to




Chapter 73 A Substitute

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It was raining heavily. The raindrops tapped on the windows, obscuring the views outside. The skies
went dark as night approached, but the road was lit up with the glistening reflection of the raindrops
under the headlights.

Josie leaned her head on the window, feeling torn about everything that had happened. Did Dexter
marry her because of her face? All his care and warmth towards her was misdirected, thanks to the girl
who looked exactly like her.

Josie snorted at the thought. It must’ve been the truth. Or else, how did she expect to gain his affection
with her mediocre abilities and looks?

His true colors were revealed when he lashed out at her.

She was only a substitute for Leanne.

When she returned to Mason Garden, Julie helped remove her drenched coat. “Why didn’t Mr. Russell
come home together?”

Josie turned around and glanced at the garage. His car wasn’t there.

“He hasn’t come home?”


The rain was getting heavier outside.

Inside Russell Group’s resting area on the top floor, the curtains were shut, and the surroundings were
pitch black. The sound of the wind and thunder echoed in the room as Dexter sat still on the sofa. The
edges of his face stiffened. The darkness of the room enveloped him.

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