That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 75

Old Wounds

Dexter didn’t like making new friends, but she wouldn’t leave him alone.

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Their families had a good relationship with each other. Hence, he would see her almost every day. Old
Mr, Russell adored her dearly and advised Dexter, “Leanne’s family is still new to the area. We have to
help them out. She’s younger than you, so be a nice older brother and take her outside to play, alright?”

“I don’t want to play with her.”

As soon as he said that, her sweet voice was heard from downstairs, “Dex, it’s time to go to school!”

Dexter covered his ears and kept silent.

Her family was busy and didn’t have time to pick her up from school. They had to rely on the Russell
Family to take her home after school.

It was raining that day. Dexter ran back home by himself without waiting for her.

There was no one at home. The sky had already turned dark by the time he completed his homework.
There was no noise downstairs, and the rain was still pouring heavily.

He took a deep breath and ran out of his house with two umbrellas. Before long, he saw Leanne
carrying her bag and walking under the rain. Her hair and clothes were completely drenched. As she
lifted her head, her eyes widened and sparkled with joy. When she realized Dexter wasn’t angry with
her, she delightedly ran over to him, calling, “Dex!”

Dexter passed her the umbrella and muttered, “Can’t you wait for the rain to stop? You fool.”

“But no one else was in the school, so I had to come home alone. I thought something bad had
happened to you. I got scared thinking about it. I’m so happy you’re okay, Dex.”

Dexter felt his heart melt instantly from her sweet and pure intentions. He held her cold and wet hands
and said gently, “I’ll take you home.”

Their friendship bloomed on this rainy night.

From the age of seven, until he turned fifteen, he watched himself and a little girl grow up together,
witnessing her transformation into a lovely young lady. He had thought that this would last forever. He
wouldn’t have minded if she was not accepted into their preferred college, as he was willing to put up
with a lesser–known school to be with her.

But he couldn’t have expected what would happen after. Over the course of one night, all of his hopes
and dreams were shattered.

After that rainy night, Dexter was traumatized, and his emotional wound wouldn’t heal. No matter how
many years had passed, the incident still lingered in his mind and continued to haunt him in his

The rain stopped.

Someone opened the door from the


tes and was startled to see him there. “Mr. Russell? Why are

It was Ivy. She had never seen Dexter in such a pitiful and dreadful state. She couldn’t believe her

He wiped the tear at the of his eyes and growled, “Leave.”




Ivy stood glued to where she was. After a while, she walked towards him and asked worriedly, “Mr.
Russell, do you need my help? Let me know, and I’ll try to figure out a way.” PUM

Dexter snapped out of his grief and snorted at her without hesitation, “You? You’re not qualified.”

Ivy’s heart sank at his hurtful remark. In all the years she had worked with him, she had never been
rejected in this outright manner.

“I understand I’m not skilled and experienced enough to share your burden, but I’m willing to do
anything for you at your command.“.

“You’re loyal, but it’s useless.” Dexter stood up and noticed a hair tie on the floor.

He paused for a moment. It wasn’t Leanne’s, so only one other person would leave it here.

Ivy followed his gaze and noticed the hair tie from the corner of her eyes. A trail of envy and rage
‘bloomed within her as she said, “Mr. Russell, I’ll get the place cleaned up.”

Dexter kept his composure and went into the bathroom, saying, “It has already been cleaned up.”

The water was hitting the shower floor. Dexter’s eyes immediately turned icy cold. He then squeezed
tightly into the hair tie and threw it in the trash can.

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