That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 82

Participating in the Regular Meeting

Josie covered her chest as she coughed violently. She shivered when she heard what Dexter said. She
didn’t know if she was frightened or cold.

Dexter made a call. Investigate Arnold’s capital flow and his recent banquet. I want a detailed list of

It seemed like he was determined to succeed in acquiring Landon

The Rolls–Royce stopped at Mason Garden. Josie got out of the car with some difficulty. She had just
taken Two steps when she heard the car leaving behind her. Dexter was leaving. He wouldn’t be
staying in Mason Garden tonight.

When Mrs. Carroll heard the car, she immediately ran out. “Oh my god, Mrs. Russell. Why did you so

Josie waved her hands and laughed at herself. Two glasses weren’t enough to make amends.”


Mrs. Carroll didn’t know what had happened. She helped Josie into the villa and made her hangover

“I made a mistake today, Mrs. Carroll.” Josie lay on the sofa and realized her hair smelled like Dexter. It
was the faint scent of tobacco and detergent. “He didn’t give in to me. It was what I had expected, but..

Josie couldn’t complete her sentence.

Mrs. Carrol brought out the tea and put it to Josie’s lips. “You and Mr. Russell are a couple. I’m sure he
doesn’t really blame you. Couples never stay mad at each other overnight.”

“A couple?” Josie sneered. “Mrs. Carroll, you see us every day. You should know that we’re not a real

Mrs. Carrol sighed. “I don’t know much about the matters of rich families, but from what I can see, Mr.
Russell has some feelings for you.”

Really? It’s a shame that those feelings aren’t for me. They’re for the girl who looks like me.

Josie slept poorly that night.

She woke up with a splitting headache the next day. Josie paused, and everything felt unreal to her.
She shut her eyes, and yesterday’s scenes played in her mind. Josie immediately felt a chill. She had
lost her temper at Dexter!

Not only had she lost her temper, but she had also gone against his wishes.

She was dumbfounded as she buried her face into the blanket. She wanted to disappear, and she
vowed never to drink again! It was too easy to lose her common sense!

At Russell Group.

“Why does your face look so swollen today?” Alice asked curiously when she saw Josie’s dispirited

Josie waved her hands. She lay on her workstation without moving. “I drank too much yesterday, so I’m
planning on slacking off today. Don’t talk to me.”

“Kennon has transferred the money, and we’ve just received it. Our superiors are delighted.”

Josie sprang up, and her lips widened in surprise. Really?”

“Yes. There’s a regular meeting today. Claire might even bring you along.” Alice told her softly. Alice
was happy for Josic.

“If the higher level is happy, does that mean my bonus will double?”

“How money minded of you. However, it’s possible.”

Josie suddenly felt energetic. She sorted out the information from the past few days. Sure enough,
Claire left her office shortly with a dark expression. “Follow me.”

There was a large meeting room on the thirty–second floor of Russell Group. Every Wednesday, the
head of each department would gather and summarize their work.

Josie followed Claire as she saw various elites file into the meeting room. She was slightly tongue–tied.
Th cream of the crop had gathered.

Claire glanced at her. “Pick your jaw up off the floor. Don’t embarrass the design department.”

Josie stuck out her tongue and made a face behind Claire’s back.

After everyone sat down, an aloof figure walked into the meeting room one minute before the meeting
started. The man wore a black suit today and a white shirt inside as usual. His proportions were perfect

Josie faintly heard soft gasps. Even Claire blushed and hung her head.

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