That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 79

Arnold Carter of Carter Group

Josie glanced at the man’s secretary, who was standing behind him. She didn’t dare to sit without
Dexter’s approval.

“You’re scaring her, Arnold: Dexter lifted his hands and pulled a chair beside him, seeming like a
gentleman. “Mr. Carter is being nice. Have a seat since he asked you to sit.”

Josie was covered in a cold sweat again. She struggled for a moment but sat down. “Thank you, Mr.


This man was Arnold Carter, the oldest son of the Carter Group. The two families had always had a
rivalry, but Josie never thought the two men were friends in private.

“Miss, you look quite familiar.” Arnold picked up a wineglass and swirled it meaningfully.

Josie sat straight. “Mr. Carter, my name is Josie Warren. You can address me as Josie or Ms. Warren.”
She avoided what he said.

Arnold didn’t answer, and the meaningful look in his eyes intensified. He spoke to Dexter indifferently,
“What do you think, Dexter?”

Next to him, Dexter tilted his head slightly, and his words were clearly tinged with spite. “You’re drunk,

It was as though Arnold had heard something hilarious. He covered his forehead and laughed for a
while. After that, he leaned back in his chair and asked Josie, [Do you know how to play chess, Ms.

While the two were talking, Josie had taken the opportunity to send Kenny a message so he could
leave first.

She never thought the topic of discussion would change again. She raised her head and looked into
Dexter’s eyes. “A little.”

“Look at this match. Who do you think won?”

Josie took a deep breath. “This match is a draw. There’s no final winner.”

“Not necessarily. Mr. Russell’s chess skills are on par with a national player. He gave in to me.” Arnold
walked around the table and put the wineglass in front of Josie.

Josie couldn’t ignore it since Arnold placed it in front of her. She picked it up and finished it in one gulp.
She almost threw up, but she forced it down. “How about this? I will be the loser of this match to keep
you from arguing. What do you think?”

Arnold contemplated as he looked at Josie. Arnold lit a cigarette, and he held it between his fingers.
“Dexter, your employee is quite interesting. Which department is she from? Is she an assistant?”

Dexter tapped his bony fingers on the table distractedly. It was as though he was satisfied with Josie’s
answer. “The design department.”

“What a shame. Ms. Warren is smart and shrewd. I was just going to ask if you would give her up so
she can be my assistant.”

Give her up. Arnold’s words were arrogant and provoking. Josie didn’t dare to look at him, afraid that
Dexter would give her up.

“Carter Group is full of talent. It’s not easy for Russell Group to train someone capable. Don’t put me in
a difficult spot, Arnold. Dexter retorted with a smile. He didn’t express his true feelings.

It was clearly a rivalry between the two, but Josie felt a chill on her back. She was afraid of getting

At this time, someone knocked on the door of the private room. A waiter walked to Dexter and said.
something to him. Dexter got up and said he had urgent matters to deal with before leaving the private


Arnold extinguished the cigarette in his hands. “I’ve never seen you before, Ms. Warren. Why do you
have to report to Mr. Russell regarding affairs in the design department?”

His intentions were unclear. Josie pondered as she answered. “I’ve been working in Russell Group for
three years and am just an ordinary employee. It’s only natural if you’ve never seen me, Mr. Carter. I
must report to Mr. Russell regarding a project today, which is why I had the pleasure of meeting you.”

“Oh.” Arnold didn’t know if he should believe her. “Dexter likes women like you. You should take this

Josie almost choked. How can he say everything that comes to mind?

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