That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 81

Losing Her Temper on Him.

Josie spread her hands. “After all, people who understand you will more or less figure out our
relationship when they see me. Mr. Russell, it seems like there’s no use hiding.”

Many things were clear after the truth was revealed. It was why Dexter’s friend, Calvin, had pondered.
when he saw her. Today, Arnold had cleverly guessed her identity. It was because she resembled

Dexter poked the inside of his cheek with the tip of his tongue. He was displeased with what she said.
He sneered. “Are you losing your temper at me, Josie?”

Josie picked up her bag and was feeling slightly tipsy. “I’m not losing my temper. I’m just saying it like it

She opened the private room door and realized Ivy was still standing there. Josie saw that Ivy’s gaze
wasn’t very friendly.

Josie didn’t care. She walked out in her heels while tottering and swaying.

“Mr. Russell, Ms. Warren has had too much to drink. It’s dangerous for her to go home alone. Let me
send her.” Ivy turned and peered at the man’s flickering expressions.

Dexter answered forcefully as if enraged. “No need.”

Ivy froze. She never thought he would turn her down. The atmosphere inside wasn’t exactly friendly,
but Dexter was still protecting that woman! She gritted her teeth but didn’t dare to insist.

Josie was feeling tipsy. She wobbled out of the restaurant while a group of men stared at her. She dry
heaved under a tree at the side of the road.

She felt humiliated. She had grown up in Wavery but didn’t have a trusted friend. A friend that she
could. call to pick her up while she was drunk. What a miserable situation she was in.

A few men who wanted to flirt with her approached her, but Josie pushed them away with her bag. She

many people were waiting. She was the ninety–ninth

took out her cell phone and wanted to hail a cab, buss

in line.

At this time, a Rolls–Royce pulled up in front of Josie, and the door opened automatically. Dexter’s side
profile wasn’t friendly. “Get in.”

Josie wanted to be stubborn, but her remaining sanity told her she might have to wait here until dawn if
she didn’t follow him.

Once she got into the car, the driver was smart enough to raise the partition.

Dexter was expressionless. He opened the fridge in the car and took out a water bottle. He opened it
and put it to Josie’s lips. His actions were instinctive.

Josie stiffened. After a long time, she turned to the side. “I’m not thirsty.”

Dexter’s strong arm froze in mid–air. The next moment, Dexter forcefully squeezed her cheeks and
forced her to raise her head. “Mmph…”

Dexter had a dangerous expression in the dark. He narrowed his eyes. “Haven’t I been kind enough to
you, Josie Warren?”

Josie wasn’t used to his aggressiveness. She suppressed the fear in her heart and said nothing.

He exerted force and fed her water. Water splashed everywhere, and Josie started coughing violently.
Her teeth felt frozen.

She struggled with all her might and even swung her bag in Dexter’s direction. “Don’t touch me!”

Dexter’s bare arms were red from being hit with her bag, but he didn’t loosen his grip on her. He put
two fingers into her mouth and gagged her.

“You screwed things up for me tonight, and you still have the nerve to disobey me? I’ve told you to
know where you stand and your limits. Did it go in one car and out the other?” Dexter’s voice deepened
towards the end, and he wanted to destroy her in his rage.

Josie wouldn’t have done such an irrational act under normal circumstances. Still, perhaps it was the
effects of the alcohol or the grievances she had been holding in for the past few days. She still said
nothing and didn’t give in.

‘Josie felt light–headed, and her face flushed. She was about to pass out from being choked. After a

time, Dexter suddenly let go of her and took out a wet tissue to clean his fingers one at a time.

“If this happens again, I’ll personally deliver you to Arnold.”

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