That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 88

Mr Lane

Josie took a deep breath and walked through the doors apprehensively. The servers stopped her and
sized her up. “Who are you looking for?”


Mr. Lane on the third floor.”

The servers put their hands down and gave her a card. They had a vaguely contemptuous gaze. From
the looks of it, they must have seen many women like her.

Josie took the card but didn’t go straight to the third floor. She looked for a washroom and took off her


She was wearing a long dress that cost around forty or fifty. It wasn’t of excellent quality, and she could
tear it easily. She tore off the lower half of her dress, revealing her fair and slim legs. She also pulled
out the straps and stuffed it into her dress. Her long dress was immediately transformed into a racy,
short dress.

Josie fixed her hair and put on red lipstick. The woman in the mirror suddenly became extremely
sensual and charming.

Women walked in and out. They weren’t surprised by Josie’s actions. It was as though it was a


She had no other way. Other than money, the only other way to deal with men was by charming them.

Servers carrying alcohol came and went in the corridor. Josie took a bottle of red wine and used her
teeth. to open it. She took a big gulp and made her way to Room 307. She looked fearless.

Josie clenched her fingers into a fist and knocked on the door. A bald man peeked out. “Who are you?”

Josie had a charming smile. Her arm slithered around his neck like a snake. “The manager told me to
come here.”

The bald man turned. “Mr. Lane, the person Mr. Barrett told us about.”

The private room was filled with colorful and blinding laser lights. Inside, Mr. Lane only wore a
sleeveless shirt while holding a bottle of wine in one hand. He looked rough and coarse. From the looks
of it, he seemed like a difficult person who had been in the mafia for many years.

“Mr. Barrett? Who called for a girl?” Mr. Lane stood up and wanted to take a good look at Josie’s

Josie moved quickly and immediately slipped into the shadows. She fell into his arms and stuck to him.
“Mr. Barrett said that you’re a regular, Mr. Lane. He sent me here today. You will be pleased with my


Her voice sounded flirty. The man felt her soft skin and didn’t want to let go of her.

“Mr. Barrett is so smart. It’s no wonder that Heaven on Earth has had such great business for so many
years! Haha!”

Mr. Lane turned and sat on the couch as he hugged Josie, pleased.

Josie suppressed the nauseating urge to retch. At this time, she saw Justin tied up and kneeling on the
floor. His hands were covered in blood, and he was unconscious.

He was better left unconscious.

“No matter how great our business is, it’s because of our clients. We have such success thanks to you,
Mr. Lane. Mr. Barrett especially urged me to make you drink more!”

Josie put the drink in her hands to his lips. Mr. Lane reeked of alcohol but wasn’t in a rush to drink it.
He squeezed her chin and looked at her carefully. He asked vigilantly, “What’s your nickname? I’ve
been here for so many years. Why have I never seen you?”

Josie’s heart beat furiously. She didn’t know about the nicknames here!

“… My name is Jasmine. I’m new. You’re my first customer.”

After briefly doubting her, Mr. Lane laughed out loud and stroked her back. “You’re so smart even
though you’re new. Mr. Barrett is getting better! Since I’m your first, are you still a maiden?”

‘Josie almost punched his greasy face.

“Of course! You can do whatever you like tonight, Mr. Lane!”

Upon seeing that he wasn’t drinking, Josie put the drink down and lay in his arms.

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