That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 76

Completed Design

Josie woke up early.

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She was prepared and understood that Dexter wouldn’t return. She could only head to Russell Group
alone. Her thoughts were simple. If she woke up early enough, Justin couldn’t catch her.

She found it hard to believe he would stay up all night to wait for her.

The bus station was empty early in the morning. Josie held her bag tightly and kept looking around,
afraid that Justin would burst out from somewhere.

At this time, she realized Dexter had recently given her a sense of security.

Today, that feeling disappeared. Her worry increased instead.

Josie laughed at herself. Sure enough, she couldn’t depend on men.

Thankfully, Josie arrived at Russell Group safely. She put down her bag, and Alice came to her and
asked affectionately, “You don’t look well. Did your husband do something last night…?”

Josie laughed lightly. “You’re overthinking.”

“Is it possible that your husband has an unmentionable illness? Jo, let me advise you. There are many
men in this world. Don’t get hung up on one. You’re still young and pretty. You don’t have to believe
he’s the only one for you.”

This was useless advice early in the morning. Josie turned on her computer in exhaustion and started
sketching. “I understand the principles, but it’s hard to apply them when I’m going through it.”

She couldn’t afford to offend Dexter, at least for now.

Alice wanted to continue chatting, but Claire arrived at the office in a sheath dress with her bag, looking
very feminine. When she passed by Josie’s workstation, she stopped. “Josie, did you get the

She sounded disbelieving.

Josie spread her hands and answered provokingly, “Was it hard?”

Claire stared at Josie’s half–completed sketch and gritted her teeth. Claire only nodded in the end.
“Good job.”

Claire slammed her office door viciously, and Alice almost fell to the floor from laughter. Josie was in a
much better mood after that.

There was a myth that those who were unlucky in love might have better luck in their careers.

However, what she and Dexter had couldn’t be considered love.

Dexter hadn’t returned to Mason Garden for days on end. Josie was clever, so she naturally didn’t go to
the top floor to ask him about it.

She occasionally saw him in his personal elevator when she used the public elevator. His long figure
was thin and indifferent as usual. A group of people would be behind him while Ivy reported about work
while holding documents. He would speak occasionally and give his opinion.


Chapter 76 Completed Design

He might be discussing partnerships worth hundreds of millions at any minute.

Josie looked away and walked into the public elevator.

No one was there when Dexter felt someone’s gaze and turned around.

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Josie invested all her time into her sketch. Kenny was very pleased with the final product. “Ms. Warren,
you’re the right person for this job.”

She integrated the IP and personal characteristics perfectly. It would be very appealing when it hit the

“Once the contract is approved, we will deposit the money immediately. By the way, Ms. Warren, can I
buy you a meal as my way of saying thank you?”

Josie smiled faintly on the phone. “This is my job, and it’s my duty. You don’t have to thank me.”

“It’s not for work.”

Josie paused. “Alright. But you have to send me home after that.”

Kenny agreed cheerfully.

He chose a restaurant by the beach. The scenery was breathtaking in the evening.

After ordering, Josie smiled. “Elements of the sea were also included in the design suggestions from
your company. You seem to have a special fondness for the sea, Mr. Green.”

Kenny was a charming middle–aged man. He shook his head with a bitter smile. “You should know that
I’m not fond of the sea. I’m fond of her.”

It seemed like he wasn’t over the relationship.

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