That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 77

Eavesdropping on a Secret

The steak here was pretty good, and Josie ate to her heart’s content She said. “You have good

qualifications, Mr. Green Why haven’t you started looking for the next person‘ I mean someone you can


Kenny leaned against the chair and looked into the distance. For someone my age, it’s not important if I
marry Many women would naturally come to me if I desired it, but I don’t.”

“Have you ever had a fling all these years?”

“A fling? I have.” Kenny smiled, and he saw something interesting. “Many people have had a fling in
our industry. You can ask Mr. Russell if you have the chance.”

Josie’s heart sank. Why is Dexter suddenly mentioned?

Kenny was observing a particular spot. “Ms. Warren, to be honest, I admire you. You’re courageous
and bold. I hope we can continue working together for the long term. Please send my regards to Mr.
Russell if

you can.”

Josie had been through so much in the workplace after working for many years. She understood what


Although he thanked her outwardly, he wanted to use her to get closer to Dexter. After all, Kennon was
still a small corporation. Kennon would have boundless prospects if Dexter invested in them.

Josie put down her cutlery and turned him down tactfully. “Actually, I specialize in interior design. I was
forced to take this case for certain reasons. Unless Kennon wants to expand into real estate, there
won’t be further opportunities to work together. I’m very sorry.”

Upon hearing it, Kenny nodded tactfully. “I understand.”

He didn’t force it, so Josie sighed in relief. She made up an excuse to go to the washroom to avoid.

She had only taken a few steps forward when she suddenly saw a familiar figure.

As usual, he wore a white shirt, and his sleeves were folded to his elbow. His proportions were well-

Dexter was led into a private room by a waiter.

Josie’s heart thumped. She finally understood why Kenny suddenly brought Dexter up. Kenny must
have seen him. Did Dexter see me?

After the waiter left, Josie walked to the washroom. She passed by the quaint private room, and she
stopped curiously.

They were discussing business inside.

“Dexter, what do you think about Landon?” The man’s voice was slightly hoarse, as if he had just
smoked. He had a similar demeanor to Dexter.

“Martin Lane managed it badly. It’s a valuable acquisition. I don’t think I’m the only one who wants it.”
Dexter’s indifferent voice was slightly shrewd.

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