That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 89

Got Him Out of Mandarin Oriental Hotel

“Did you hear that? Guys! This girl is such a flirt!” Mr. Lane laughed as he pointed to his henchmen in
the private room.

“That’s right, sir. We never thought that such a great thing would happen today. While waiting for
money. a woman even delivered herself to you!”

Perhaps it was because of the loud noise, but Justin awoke, surprised. He opened his eyes in a daze
and saw the woman in Mr. Lane’s arms. Upon further inspection, he opened his mouth wide in

Thankfully, Josie had been paying attention to him. She immediately mouthed silently. Shut up if you

to live.

Justin closed his mouth and looked at Josie with a complicated expression. He never thought that she
would really come to save him!

“Mr. Lane! This stupid fellow is awake!” It was the bald man. He was shrewd.

Josie’s back was stiff. Her hand holding the wineglass froze once more.

Mr. Lane turned to the side and saw that Justin had really awoken. He immediately pushed Josie to the
side and picked up a knife at the side that was covered in blood. He used it to lift Justin’s chin. “You’re
a tough nut to crack. You woke up so quickly. I wonder if you can hold on until your sister comes to
rescue you!”

Justin’s eyes were bloodshot. He knelt on the floor and bowed to Mr. Lane. “I’m sorry, Mr. Lane. Please
give me two days. I will get the money!”

“Why must I extend the deadline for you? Just wait for your sister to come!”

Justin looked at Josie from the corner of his eyes and trembled nervously. “She… She lied! She used
all her money for my dad’s medical fees. She doesn’t have any money!”

Mr. Lane lightly sliced the knife on Justin’s neck. Blood flowed at once. “It’s not up to you to tell me if
she has the money. Your sister has to tell me personally!”

“Baldy! See where she is! Why isn’t she here yet?!”

Justin whimpered and sobbed as he hung his head dejectedly.

Josie took a sip of water. As she adjusted the hem of her dress, she pretended to ask casually, “Mr.
Lane, what did this fellow do to owe you five hundred thousand?”

“I’m in this business. Mr. Lane threw his knife to the side and made a gesture of counting money. This
fellow borrowed more than one hundred thousand from me and said he would pay me back within one
week. He delayed for one month and made me look for him! I found him in Mandarin Oriental Hotel with
some difficulty and worked hard to get him out of there!”

Mandarin Oriental Hotel was the biggest casino in Wavery. Mr. Lane was powerful enough to get him

of the casino!

Josie was still racking her brains. At that moment, his subordinate asked, “Mr. Lane. It’s strange.
Mandarin Oriental is huge. Why did they keep a small fry like him locked up? Why didn’t they want to
let him go? It took us so much effort.”

“I was just thinking about that. Who knows what disaster this fellow has caused?” Mr. Lane used his
foot to lift Justin’s chin. “Did you hear that? You have to thank me for bringing you out. You would have
died if you stayed there any longer!”

“Thank you, Mr. Lane! Thank you!”

Josie could no longer watch. She picked up a wineglass and hugged Mr. Lane, indicating for him to sit.
down. “Why must you bother yourself with such a person? Sit down and have a drink with Jasmine.
Wouldn’t that be more enjoyable?”

Mr. Lane’s smile widened, and he kept touching her face. “Pretty women are so good at serving
customers. Give it to me.”

Josie gave him the wineglass. This time, he had almost put it to his lips, but someone opened the door
from the outside.

“Mr. Lane.” It was a lazy and unruly voice of a young man.

The man was against the light, so he couldn’t see inside the room, but everyone could see him. Josie’s
hand trembled while she held the wineglass. Calvin Barrett?!

“Hey, Mr. Barrett. Why are you here?”

Mr. Lane immediately pushed Josie away and went up to Calvin.

Calvin made his way closer as he endured the pungent smell. He smiled indifferently. “I heard that
you’re having something special in Heaven on Earth today, so I came to look.”

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