That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 83

Stolen Credit

Josie looked down because she didn’t know Dexter would attend the regular weekly meeting! Josie
silently raised her file and tried to hide her face. She wouldn’t have come if she had known! With how
recklessly she acted last night, she thought Dexter wanted to murder her!

Ivy put everything in order and said to the man in the seat of honor, “Mr. Russell, everyone is here.”

Dexter silently tapped the pen next to him slightly unrestrainedly. “Let’s start.”

After that, each department reported methodically about their work for the week. They spoke succinctly
and concisely and occasionally introduced new outstanding department members. As Dexter listened,
he commented and talked about upcoming plans sporadically. His voice was clear, and his every action
made him seem mature.

Fifteen minutes had passed when it was Claire’s turn. She seemed nervous in the enormous meeting
room. Her fingers were on her laptop, and she couldn’t speak well. “Mr. Russell, the design
department’s insults, um, I mean, results from this week are as such…”

She stuttered, and the heads of other departments smiled. The manager of the HR department, Mr.
Yves, teased her. “Ms. Wilcher has just taken up this role and seems nervous. It’s alright. Take it easy.

Dexter played with a pen with one hand. His indifferent gaze fell on the woman covering her face with a

Claire nodded in embarrassment. She was about to cry when faced with Dexter’s analytical gaze. Josie
had given up. With Claire’s presentation skills, Josie couldn’t double her bonus.

At this time, Alex, from the venture capital investment department, suddenly said. “The design
department is quite capable. I heard they recently completed a project with a company we’ve been

following up on and researching for a long time. The company has the potential to grow. If there’s an
opportunity to invest, it would be a dream collaboration for both companies.”

His honesty suddenly alleviated Claire’s awkwardness.

She looked at him gratefully, “Yes. I did the early research on Kennon. They do have the potential to

Josie raised her head, perplexed, but she stayed silent.

What else did Claire do besides hitting a snag a few times and discovering that the IP copyrights were


Alex was interested. “Oh? You have pretty good insight, Ms. Wilcher. I heard that this was a difficult
project. You’re amazing for completing it in such a short amount of time.”

-Claire’s smile widened. “It’s my duty to work for the company. I had to try, no matter how tough it was.

Thankfully, it worked out. If the venture capital investment department needs any information at a later
stage, we can help you out.”

Alex nodded and led everyone in applause.

Claire looked very proud. She looked confidently at the seat of honor and hoped for the man’s
approval. However, his face was expressionless. His eyes were deep as if hiding something.

For some reason. she felt slightly fearful.

Josie buried her head lower. The hope in her heart burned to ashes. What’s done was done. She
couldn’t come out and tell everyone she had completed the project.

She felt angry, annoyed, and grieved that Claire had taken credit and stolen the limelight, but she

say a word.

The voices grew further away. After a long time, the meeting finally ended.

Everyone made their way out. Josie sat at her spot for a long time. Claire wasn’t in a rush to leave
either. She said provokingly, “Your contribution belongs to the design department. I was just telling
everyone on your behalf. The bonus is still yours. You don’t have to be upset.”

After that, she quickly left with her laptop.

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