That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 86

You Still Have Me

He was very perceptive. Josie put her hands on the table behind her, increasing their distance. She felt
slightly uneasy.

“Something happened at home, but it’s been solved. You know what it’s like. It’s the same old
problems. She forced a smile and pretended everything was alright.

But Matthew could see the exhaustion on her face. “You’ve been tired recently.”

It wasn’t a question. It was a statement.

“Aren’t you a physician, Matt? Why do you sound like a psychologist? You’re so insightful, Josie said
half- jokingly. She didn’t want the atmosphere to turn too solemn.

Matthew threw the orange rind into the trash. “Let me act as a psychologist and guess why you’re tired.
Is it because of life? Work? Or is it your salary?”

“Close enough. Josie smiled bitterly in exasperation. “All of the above. I have nowhere to go. I’m feeling
slightly bothered.”

“Jo, why don’t you cut yourself some slack if you’re exhausted? You don’t have to bear everything

Josie didn’t understand what he meant as she listened to his advice. “If I don’t bear it, who would help
me share this burden? As you know, I have no one on my side.”

“That’s nonsense, Matthew blurted out quickly.

Josie didn’t understand.

“I’m saying that you still have me by your side. I will help you take care of your father.” Matthew
coughed. and spoke slowly. He was afraid of scaring the woman before him.

Josie didn’t fully understand. She was just about to answer when the head nurse opened the doors.
She was slightly surprised when she saw them. “You’re here too, Dr. Sander.”

Matthew stepped aside when he heard it.

“Jo, come and sign this. I haven’t seen you in a few days.” She handed a form to Josie.

It was about medication instructions. Josie had signed countless forms for the past three years. She
was familiar with the head nurse before her.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been slightly busy recently.”

“It’s alright. Dr. Sander is here.” The head nurse had a playful expression as she teased the two.

Josie didn’t find it strange and answered, “That’s right. I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Sander.
Thankfully, he’s here to help.”

The head nurse wanted to say something, but she saw Matthew’s expression and kept quiet.

Josie chatted with the head nurse for a while more when her cell phone suddenly rang. She glanced at
it and shot the two apologetic gazes before she went out to answer the call. “Hello.”

In the hospital room, the head nurse patted Matthew’s shoulder. “You have a long way to go.”

Matthew had a faint smile from the start until the end. He looked at Josie’s figure outside the door.
“There’s no rush. I can take my time.”

It was an unknown number.

“Ms. Warren, I’m Nicole!” A woman’s voice rang on the phone.

“I know. I saw the area code and guessed it was you.”

Nicole hadn’t contacted Josie in a long time. Nicole must have settled in another city since she took the
initiative to call Josie.

“I told my parents I’m on an extended business trip and will be away for some time. They didn’t ask
further, so they probably haven’t been harassed by Justin. Ms. Warren, was it because… you and Mr.
Russe did something behind the scenes to help?”

Josie paused. “Mm… It’s Mr. Russell.” It had nothing to do with her.

Nicole started thanking Josie and told Josie that she was doing well where she was. Justin hadn’t
found he “I’m just worried about Wavery, Justin hasn’t been making trouble for you, has he?”

He had not. It was thanks to Dexter.

But she had been alone for the past few days and hadn’t seen Justin. This was slightly strange. It was
as though he had vanished into thin air in Wavery.

“He hasn’t.”

“That’s good.” Nicole talked to Josie for a while before ending the call.

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