That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 93

Her Face is Valuable

Dexter washed up and sat in a chair by the bed. He rested his elbows on his legs and hunched while
thinking about something. At the same time, his face was shrouded with a shadow, making his


Josie was still asleep from the effects of anesthesia. Her lips were pale, and her face covered with
bandages. She looked defenseless.

He looked at her for a long time until his phone rang in his pants pocket. He let it ring for some time
before heading to the balcony to answer it

Josie slept through the night. The effects of the anesthesia finally wore off the following day. She
opened her eyes and found Julie looking at her worriedly.

“Mrs. Russell, you’re finally awake. I’ve prepared some beetroot soup. It’s good for recovering from
blood loss. You should eat it while it is still warm” Julie was glad Josie woke up and brought her a warm
bowl of


Josie shook her head. “Wasn’t I in the hospital?” Why am I in Mason Garden?

“Mr. Russell brought you home this morning.”

Josie touched her face and felt the bandages. “Where is he?”

“Mr. Russell is in the study with a guest.”

Josie’s mind was still foggy. She got off the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. The bandages
covered half of her face and looked ugly on her. She remembered Mr. Lane left a long wound on her

“Mrs. Russell, don’t worry. The doctor said your wound is not too deep and will heal soon. It won’t leave


“But my skin scars easily,” Josie said sadly. I bruise easily whenever I bump into anything. It would take
nearly half a month to heal. This wound will take even longer.

Moreover, no man will want me if my face is disfigured.

Josie slumped to the floor in despair. It’s all Justin’s fault. I got myself disfigured to save his useless
a*s! I wouldn’t have helped him if I knew this would happen!

Josie felt agitated as she thought about Justin. No, I must look for Dexter.

“Mrs. Russell!” Julie was shocked to see Josie runoff in bare feet.

The study’s door was not closed properly. Josie pressed herself against the wall and heard the voices.
inside. She could listen to Calvin speaking.

“Martin Lane is furious to discover that you caused his younger brother’s hand to be disabled. He said
he would rather give Landon to Arnold than collaborate with Russell Group. There are spirited
discussions about this in the business circle,”

Calvin sat on the couch and crossed his legs. He had an unbothered tone as if he was a mere
spectator to the ruckus.

“Dex, you were too reckless. Alex Lane has been a money lender for many years and is backed by

people. How could you hurt him like that, especially during such a crucial point of the acquisition
process? It’s a heavy price to pay.”

Dexter held his phone and scrolled the screen casually. He seemed calm and uninterested.

“If Martin is as powerful as he claimed, I wouldn’t have been able to beat up his useless brother so

Calvin asked curiously, “Why? Is Josie’s face that valuable? Is it worth giving up Landon for?”

“It’s worthless. Moreover, Landon will eventually be mine. It’s only a detour,” Dexter put and sounded
confident. It seemed that what happened last night did not affect him.

Calvin snorted and asked, “What should I do about Justin?”

down his phone

“Let him stay at your place and put him to work so that he can slowly pay off the debt. Inform Alex
about this and say this is my compensation to him.” Dexter smirked sinisterly, sending chills down one’s
spine. ‘Then, he continued, “Tell him I’m sorry for hitting him too hard.”

His tone was devoid of any remorse. Instead, it sounded like he regretted not hitting Alex harder.

Josie was too engrossed in eavesdropping to move away. Suddenly, Dexter glanced at the door and
asked “Have you listened enough?”

Josie shuddered. She gripped the doorknob and accidentally fell into the room.

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