That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 91

Exposing Her Identity

Josie was still shocked to discover that Calvin owned Heaven on Earth. As she was still thinking. Mr.
Lane returned to his seat and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “Mr. Lane is quite impressive.”

Josie lighted his cigarette with a lighter and willed her hands not to shake. “Yes, we won’t be here if not
for him.”

“Miss, want to come home with me tonight?” Mr. Lane leaned close and was about to kiss Josie’s
check. He seemed pretty pleased with her.

Josie skillfully avoided him and whispered, “Of course, if you offer the right price.”

Mr. Lane was happy with her response. Josie reached for a glass of beer. However, she accidentally
leaned over too much, causing a card to slip out of her pocket and fall onto the carpet.

“What is that?”

Josie was stunned and almost forgot to breathe when she saw Mr. Lane pick up that card. He placed it
under the light to look at it more closely.

Oh no! I forgot to remove it!

“Heaven on Earth guest card?” Mr. Lane raised his voice incredulously. Then, his face twisted with fury
as he glared at Josie, “You’re not Mr. Barrett’s staff!”

Josie’s thought was a mess. She was too afraid to move. “I… I must have taken it by accident.”

Mr. Lane grabbed a knife from the table and retreated a few steps. He seemed fully alert. “You there!
Call that girl now!”

His subordinates rushed to find a phone and called Josie’s number. Luckily, Josie had silenced her
phone, so they could not catch her with a ringing phone. Still, Mr. Lane refused to give up and ordered,

for her!”

Everything was so sudden that Josie had no time to find an excuse to escape. A group of people
rushed to her and searched all over the body. They found the phone in her pocket and unlocked the
screen to find two missed calls.

“D*mn woman! How dare you trick me?” Mr. Lane yelled and threw her phone against the wall,

its screen.

Josie nearly blacked out from fear.

“Mr. Lane, I came here to negotiate with you. There’s no need to go that far, right? Moreover, you only
gave me a few hours. How am I to get five hundred thousand?”

She had lost all her sense of playfulness from before and retreated as she spoke. It took all her will not


The knife gleamed in Mr. Lane’s hand. He spat and said, “So you thought to seduce me to write off the
debt? Look at yourself in the mirror. You think you’re worth five hundred thousand?”

He grabbed Josie’s long hair and dragged her to Justin. “How dare you two trick me?”

The ruse had been exposed, so Justin knew things were hopeless for him. He cried so much that he

fainted and could not speak.

Mr. Lane forced Josie to kneel on the floor, hurting her knees. At the same time, he gripped her hair.
tightly, forcing her to look up. Then, he placed his knife against her face. “How dare you use a honey
trap on me? You are the first person to attempt it. Should I press the knife harder? Can you imagine
being disfigured?”

Josie thought she would die. She shuddered fearfully and said, “Please, let’s talk about this, Mr. Lane. I
was wrong. I’m sorry for what I’ve done.”

However, Mr. Lane smiled manically. “Are you scared now? I should try then.”

With that, he pressed the sharp tip of the knife into the left side of her face, leaving a red line on her
snow–white skin. Soon, blood dripped from the wound. Josie panicked but did not dare to struggle.

“Kill me! You might as well kill me!”

“Kill you? You don’t deserve it. It’s too…”

“Stop right there!” A cold and intimidating male voice interrupted Mr. Lane before someone kicked dow!
the door.

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