That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 78

His Threat

She had heard of the corporation, which was well–known in the industry. She didn’t know what had
happened that it had to be bought out, but it sounded like Russell Group would acquire it.

This way, Russell Group would have a more extensive territory. Dexter was so capable.

Josie washed her hands distractedly. When she was about to leave, the lights suddenly went off, and it
was dark. She stood on the spot, dumbfounded. Did the electricity go off?

She was just about to take her cell phone out of her bag to turn on the flashlight when a large hand
covered her mouth. It was powerful, and it dragged her to the corner forcefully.

“Mmph!” Josie struggled hard but to no avail.

A tall man behind her restrained her tightly. He was strong, and his cold voice rang in her ears. “How
much did you hear?”

It was Dexter’s voice.

Josie suddenly didn’t know if she should worry or relax. She immediately opened her mouth and bit his
hand. Dexter loosened his hand in pain, and she gasped. I wasn’t listening on purpose. I didn’t hear
much. I just heard that you want to acquire Landon.”

She had to immediately make things clear when faced with someone as stubborn as Dexter.

Dexter forced her into a corner in the dark, and his breath was warm.

“You’re smart. Don’t cavesdrop unnecessarily. Don’t blame me for not warning you if you get into

He was evaluating the situation as he speculated. He was completely different from the indolent person
a few days ago. He was so solemn that it was as though he was another person.

Josie was smart and businesslike. “Mr. Russell, I know what to do. I won’t sound a word of this to

Neither of them said anything for a moment. The electricity hadn’t been restored, and sounds of panic
came from the outside. It gradually became louder.

Josie was trembling slightly. She still didn’t dare to say a word.

Dexter wasn’t in a rush. He even lit a cigarette in the dark. The glow of the fire reflected Josie’s tearful
eyes, and his actions froze slightly. “What are you doing here?”

Josie was honest with him. “Kennon’s Mr. Green is buying a meal as thanks.

“He saw me.”


Dexter puffed his cigarette, and she choked. At the next moment, he lifted her chin forcefully. “Does he
have feelings for you?”

Josie was startled by the question because she didn’t expect it. “No. Mr. Green wanted me to send his
regards to you.”

Upon hearing it, Dexter laughed and said, “You belong to me. Pay attention to your words and actions.

Other than work, cut down on unnecessary social interactions. Do



I belong to him? Josie felt like she had been bought out. Her lips twitched. “Mr. Russell, I will only do


The electricity was restored, and Dexter took a step back. Her face gradually came into focus, and it
was extremely pale because she had been terribly frightened. He extinguished his cigarette and threw
it away. “Do you drink?”

Josie was surprised.

The private room was big, but only two people were in it. Other than food on the table, there was also a
chess set. The chess pieces were arranged. It was a draw. Both sides had no moves left.

A man sat in the seat of honor, looking to be around Dexter’s age. With his face against the light, only
his. nose could be seen clearly. He seemed unbelievably arrogant and more vicious than Dexter, but he
wasn’t ‘as handsome as Dexter.

Nothing on him was branded. Everything was custom–made. He must be someone important.

He saw Josie and suddenly smiled. “Dexter, you found a woman while going to the washroom?”

Dexter indicated to her to follow. He sat next to the man indifferently. “She’s from Russell Group and
has to report something to me.”

Josie hesitated for a moment but couldn’t figure out his thoughts. She stood behind him.

“Have a seat, miss.” There was a smile on the man’s face as he sized her up quietly.

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