That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 92

Going Berserk Over Her

Everyone in the private lounge shuddered fearfully at the noise.

Mr. Lane turned around and saw a tall figure standing at the door. The man had an overwhelming and
threatening aura, prompting Mr. Lane to frown and drop his knife in fear.

Josie slowly glanced toward the door. Blood continued to flow from her face. Her vision gradually
cleared, allowing her to see the furious and intimidating Dexter.

Dexter immediately found Josie and focused on her. He noticed the despair in her eyes as she kneeled
on the floor. It seemed like she was trapped in the depths of hell. Seeing her like this sent stabs of pain
into his heart. She looked even more despondent than when someone snatched her credit at work.

“Dexter Russell?” Mr. Lane called out in disbelief. He never expected to see Dexter here.

On the other hand, Dexter stood at the door and glared at Mr. Lane coldly. He did not bring anyone with
him, which made him seem even more dangerously insane.

Dexter pushed up his sleeves and strode forward. He did not give Mr. Lane any time to react. He
pressed Mr. Lane to the floor and punched him hard, sending blood spluttering from his nose.

Mr. Lane weighed at least two hundred pounds, but Dexter quickly overpowered him. The veins on -
Dexter’s neck throbbed. He looked so ferocious that it seemed he would kill Mr. Lane.

Mr. Lane wailed desperately. His subordinates wanted to help him, but Dexter’s threat stopped them in
their tracks. “Come at me if you dare!”

Although Dexter was only a young man, everyone feared his threat.

Mr. Lane covered his nose and eyes and screamed, “Stop! Don’t come near!”

After Dexter had enough of beating him, he picked up the knife from the floor and asked Josie, “Which
hand did he use to hurt you?”

Although Josie was somewhat rational, she could not help but tremble severely as she looked at
Dexter in this state. “Right… Right hand.”

Dexter forcefully restrained Mr. Lane’s right hand on the floor before bringing the knife down resolutely.
‘Crack!‘ Warm blood splattered on Justin’s face. He rolled his eyes and fainted on the spot.

Mr. Lane’s scream of pain could be heard throughout the building.

Dexter not only attacked fast but was quick to clean up his tracks. He took some tissues to wipe his
fingers clean. Then, he bent down to carry Josie, stepped over the unconscious Mr. Lane, and left the
private lounge.

Calvin had been listening outside for some time. He saw Dexter leaving the room and complained
anxiously, “You have gotten too far. Have you any idea how much trouble you caused!”

Dexter’s face darkened threateningly. “Step aside.”

Calvin followed them and said, “I’ve dealt with this level and the underground car park. You can drive
my car later, and this is the key. I will deal with the top floor.”

After saying that, he caught a glimpse of Josie’s face and was stunned. Wow, no wonder Dexter acted


Josie was in so much pain that her consciousness was blurring. The last thing she remembered was
grabbing Dexter’s arm and saying, “Jus… Justin.”

“Calvin will deal with him,” Dexter replied coldly.

Dexter moved fast and carried Josie to the car. He helped her put on the seatbelt and started the
engine. Calvin knocked on the car window and asked, “Do you want me to delete the surveillance

“No, he won’t dare to do anything.” Dexter was sure Mr. Lane would not dare to call the police.

He brought Josie to a private hospital. The doctor was shocked to see them. “This… This…”

Dexter responded in an even but firm tone that no one dared to disobey, “I have only one requirement.
Nothing can happen to her face!”

Josie lay in bed as the doctor pushed her toward the emergency room. She tried her best to open her
eyes but the remaining tears made everything in her sight glimmer like crystals.

She saw Dexter covered in blood and the collar of his shirt unbuttoned. He looked sexy even in such a
disheveled state. He noticed her looking at him and met her gaze. His eyes flashed with paranoia.

The wound was shallow, so the doctor soon finished bandaging it. Then, he ensured she had no other
injuries before pushing her out of the emergency room.

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