That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 95


Josie’s face reddened in anger and embarrassment. T… Of course, I can’t compare to your extensive

“Who told you I have extensive experience?”

Josie was about to retort but was taken aback at the same time. It’s hard to believe he’s not a pleasure
seeker. But to think of it, I’ve worked in the company for three years but have never heard of scandals
about him and other women. At most, there were some baseless rumors about him and Ivy. Since we
married, I’ve not seen him be close with other women.

While Josie was lost in her thoughts, Dexter looked down upon her from a close distance.

She lifted her face and was caught off guard by the close proximity. Before she could say anything.
Dexter stroked her face gently.

“How capable of you. You nearly caused me to lose a business opportunity.”

“I…” Josie trembled as she couldn’t stand the increasing temperature from their physical contact. “I did
know you were there too.”

In fact, it wasn’t his plan to head to Heaven on Earth. Yesterday, he was about to leave his office when
he received a call from Ivy informing him that the senior executives of Landon planned to meet up int
Heaven on Earth. So, he changed his schedule, not expecting to bump into Josie.

“Do you know how you would end up if I wasn’t there?”

Josie shivered under Dexter’s touch. “Will I die?”

“On this earth, there are means far more brutal than making you die.” Dexter growled threateningly
when Josie’s bloody look last night resurfaced in his mind.

Only then did Jose realize how fortunate she was. She stood frozen momentarily, realizing how
harrowing last night had been. It was her first time experiencing the closeness of death. At that
moment, she understood that nothing was more important than her life.

At that thought, she held Dexter’s warm hand.

“I’m legally your wife now. You’ll protect me no matter what, won’t you?” Josie mumbled with watery
eyes. looking pitiful. She was a good actor and knew that the best way to control a man was to gain his

Dexter retracted his hand after staring briefly at Josie. “You may be excused from work before your
injuries recover.”

Josie fluttered her eyelashes and asked cheekily, “Will you help me apply for leave?”


“And under which identity?”

“What do you think?” Dexter didn’t intend to bother with her, so he took his phone and walked out of the


Josie slumped onto the ground as darkness crept in. Caressing the gauze on her face, she was

to cling to the powerful Dexter at all costs.

Perhaps, Josie could no longer separate her life from his ever since they were married. His world was
complicated – getting rid of a notorious loan shark was a piece of cake for him. Josie would have died a
terrible death if it weren’t for him.

When Dexter called Phil from the Human Resource Department to apply for leave on behalf of Josie,
Phil was surprised. “You’re Ms. Warren’s husband?”

Dexter let out a cough and concealed his original voice. “Yeah. She just had surgery.”

“What surgery is that?”

“An appendectomy.”

Phil chuckled. “I see. Alright.”

Dexter wondered why Phil was amused by his answer.

Just then. Josie carefully passed a bottle of water to Dexter from behind after opening the like to have
some water?”

He didn’t receive the bottle but looked at her bare feet. “Aren’t there slippers at our home?”

cap. “Would

Josie was used to walking barefoot at home. She had a complicated feeling when she heard Dexter
mention ‘their home, but she smiled frivolously and uttered. “Why don’t you carry me to get a pair of

“You might be able to seduce Alex Lane with that look, but not me.”

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