That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 98

Rewards And Compensation

Josie was self–aware and knew he cared not because of who she was but who she resembled–the girl
in the photograph.

Dexter let go of her chin. “I didn’t marry you solely for your appearance.”

His cryptic response had Josie chuckle as she mockingly acknowledged her audacity. She gestured
towards the bowl. “Aren’t you going to eat the meat?”

“Are you that eager for me to eat it? Did you poison it?” Dexter nonchalantly unbuttoned his cuff.

If I could, I would have done it long ago.”

Dexter glanced at her and casually remarked, “You were quite daring at Heaven on Earth, pouring an
entire pack of sleeping pills into the wine. That was a ruthless move.”

Josie’s lips parted in silence surprise. “How did you find out?” She had indeed drugged the wine, hence
her eagerness to make Mr. Lane drink it, but she hadn’t anticipated the interruptions.

She was surprised that he had discovered her attempted scheme. It seemed that Calvin had more
skills besides repairing computers.

Dexter remained silent in response.

“I had no other choice. It was the only option I could think of,” Josie explained carefully, not wanting to
upset Dexter.

“It’s not bad to be daring when you’re my wife,” he suppressed his emotions and continued, just try not
to attend such events in the future. You can’t handle it.”

Having only attended an extravagant event once in her twenty–plus years of living, which nearly cost
her her life, Josie dared not venture into such a situation again.

Compared to the fury he had displayed that night, his emotions had dissipated. He appeared calmer
than ever, but she missed his rage. Dexter seemed more human–like when he expressed his feelings

“My injuries have already healed; it’s just the scar showing. Can’t I return to work?” Josie understood
well that missing a day of work meant earning one less penny.

“No, the scar would attract too much attention, and people would draw connections, Dexter explained.

Unaware of Dexter’s reputation in the industry. Josie felt discontented. “Great. My credit was taken
away, and my salary was cut in half. The bonus I received wouldn’t even cover the loss here. I really
shouldn’t have run those errands for nothing”

Dexter lowered his gaze. Observing her fiddling with the chopsticks on the table, he suddenly asked,
“Do you want some ice cream?”

Josie was taken aback by the question. “Huh?”

Dexter instructed Mrs. Carroll to get two ice cream boxes from the fridge.

Josie grew cautious, her eyebrows twitching as she inquired, “What are you doing? You said those
were for


The two boxes of ice cream were placed on the table, and Dexter smiled lightly, I’m not taking them
from you, it’s for you to eat.”

“…Didn’t you say it’s a reward for work, and I could only eat it when I made progress? But I haven’t
made any progress.” Josie was confused.

“Well, it’s a reward,” Dexter said as he opened the lid and scooped a bite. He brought the spoonful of
ice cream to her lips. “No matter what the others think, you were the one that secured the project with
Kennon. The bonus is the biggest proof of your progress. So, how can you say you haven’t made any

Josie was surprised that he remembered those things. She took a bite of the ice cream hesitantly, the
coldness of the ice cream aching her teeth. “I thought you were on their side since you didn’t say
anything that day.”

She had been dwelling on his attitude on this matter until then. It was as if she needed his
acknowledgment to believe she had succeeded.

Seeing that she had a grip on the spoon. Dexter let go of it.

“And what’s the reason for the other box of ice cream?” Josie licked the ice cream, moaning in
satisfaction as she thought to herself that expensive food always tasted better.

“Compensation.” Dexter said indifferently, taking out a cigarette box. Pausing momentarily, he decided
not to smoke and played with it in his hand. “Alex Lane is a well–known figure in Wavery. He can be
intimidating for some, but you attended the event independently, showing bravery and strategy. It’s just
a pity that your face got scratched. So, it’s compensation.”

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