That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 100

Bringing Her to the Casino

When she saw Dexter’s slim and unapproachable figure standing there earlier, she had a random urge
to see other expressions on his face. Anger, insanity, and lust. Any other emotions would do.

He quirked an eyebrow. “I told you, it doesn’t work on me.”

As he finished his sentence, Josie leaned forward. Their lips would touch if one of them spoke. She
leaned back the tiniest bit. “What a shame.”

His gaze darkened, and the air around them turned cold. He released his grip on her hand. “You don’t
need to go anymore.”

I’ve crossed the line. Josie immediately stopped. It had been too long since she went out. She could
not let the opportunity go.

“I won’t do anything else.”

He kept silent and strode out. The driver, waiting next to the car, went to open the car door when they
appeared. Josie followed behind Dexter hurriedly. After all, he did not insist on not letting her go.

At half past seven, the Porsche stopped at the entrance of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Dexter threw a
face mask at Josie. “Put that on.”

She was reluctant. “Why didn’t you just say so if you thought that I was hideous.”

He did not explain himself and stepped out of the car.

Dozens of luxury cars, evidently extravagant, were parked at the entrance. Guests were entering and
exiting the place. A woman waiting in the lobby immediately moved forward when her benefactor

arrived and accompanied him upstairs.

A middle–aged man was among the people in the lobby. He quickly walked toward Dexter when he
spotted them. His gaze flitted to the woman wearing a face mask behind Dexter. “Mr. Russell, it has
been à while.”

“How has business been?”

“Same old. All thanks to you, our revenue has not declined at all.” The man took a glass from an
attendant and passed it to Dexter. “I assure you the mistake from the past few days won’t happen
again. Alex Lee is a sly fox. I didn’t even realize that he had taken the person away.”

Josie stood quietly in the elevator behind them and analyzed what she had heard.

Alex mentioned Mandarin Oriental Hotel the other day. It turned out that it was Dexter’s territory, and
Justin was caught at this place.

“Have you wrapped up all loose ends?” Dexter swirled the untouched glass of liquor.

“Don’t worry, I’ve handled it. We caught a few moles and dealt with them.”

“Has Mr. Yves been here recently?”

“Mr. Yves is a regular. He came last week and held a small gathering.” The man said with high spirits.

Dexter turned to Josie and gestured for her purse. He gave her a few things before they left.

“Were these people at Mr. Yves gathering? He pulled out a photograph of a group.

The man studied the photograph and nodded. “Yes. These people came for several of Mr. Yves
gatherings Particularly, this one.” He pointed at a person.

Dexter hummed in reply as he had a rough idea of the situation.

Josie took back her purse, and the elevator stopped at a floor. The man said respectfully, “Mr. Russell,
what do you have in mind tonight? I’ll ask the staff to prepare.”

They were on the top floor, which was vibrant and buzzing. Men moved about with women in their
arms. Attendants walked in and out of rooms with casino chips and briefcases.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel housed the largest casino in the entire Wavery. It was built in a ring shape.
There were sayings that one game night would cost at least ten million. Yet, it was nothing more than
just another place that deluded people into thinking they could strike gold.

“Do you want to play?” Dexter suddenly turned to a dazed Josie and asked in a teasing tone.

“Are you kidding me? Where am I supposed to get money from?”

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