That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 101

Small Talk

She replied sarcastically. It was not a tone a subordinate would speak to an employer, prompting the
person to look at Josie with astonishment.

“Get two boxes of tokens and send them over later, Dexter instructed the person before indicating to
Josie to follow him.

He walked fast. Josie tugged the hem of his shirt and asked worriedly. “Are you going to play?”

Dexter found her fearful expression funny and answered gently, “Don’t worry. It’s all right here.”

A game had already begun in the private lounge when they arrived. A few people sat at a table with
piles. of tokens before them, waiting for the dealer to give out cards. These people were either heirs of
wealthy families or prominent people.

One of them astutely recognized Dexter despite the darkness. He immediately stood up and greeted,
“Mr. Russell, I didn’t expect to see you today.”

Everyone turned to look at Dexter. Meanwhile, Dexter placed his hands behind him and smiled slightly.
“Does your father know how much you gamble in this place?”

“Mr. Russell, I have missed your place since I went overseas. What’s wrong with playing a few rounds
to Satisfy my craving?” The person looked young. Josie guessed he was an heir from a wealthy family
and younger than Dexter.

Dexter patted the person’s shoulder. “You should come to my place for horse riding one of these days.
Let’s see if you maintain your fitness level.

The person agreed before turning to Josie and joked. “Is she your new assistant? Why is she wearing a


Dexter turned to Josie slightly to introduce them. “He’s Leo Ardon.”

Josie replied, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Ardon. I wear a mask due to my skin allergies. It’s embarrassing to
show my face.”


She was unsure whether Leo believed her excuse, but he did not seem to mind. “Mr. Russell, do you
want to join the game? You can have my seat.

Once he said that, the others at the table urged Dexter to join them. They all looked young and knew
how influential Dexter was. No one dared to show disrespect.

Dexter accepted the offer and took Leo’s seat. “I’ll play a couple of rounds.”

That’s great!”

“Bring Mr. Russell a drink.

Thankfully, Josie memorized Dexter’s preferences after what had happened previously. She instructed
the server, “Mr. Russell would like Earl Grey tea. Make sure to filter the tea leaves twice before

“It must have been hard studying overseas all these years, Dexter said to Leo while casually placing a
card. on the table.

“Yes. My father refuses to let me return home. He said I must settle down overseas. However, I

with him. I like Wavery much better.” Leo complained in frustration as he looked at the cards

“Mr. Ardon wants the best for you The person opposite Dexter played a King, so Dexter followed up
with another card. He seems to be having health issues I didn’t see him at this years reonomic forum”

His health is okay, but he keeps saying he wants to retire. He must have been tired after leading the
business for many years” Leo sounded proud of his father

“He should retire if he thinks it chest for him. Times are changing too fast. Moreover, your stepmother
keeps getting into trouble

“That’s right. Two days ago, my father was furious that she had sought out someone alone and slapped
her when she returned. It was so scary that I dared not make a sound” Leo seemed to trust Dester, or
he thought telling Dexter this would not reveal much.

The server brought tea Joste took the tea from him and placed it by Dexter’s hand However, the room
was too dark, so she accidentally bumped her hand against the cup and caused the hot tea to splatter
on the back of her hand. It soon turned red

Dexter narrowed his eyes and said flatly. “Go deal with it.”

Josie apologized and retreated from the room. She ran to the washroom and washed her hand under


Meanwhile. Dexter finished two rounds of games in the private lounge and won each time. Leo enjoyed
watching Dexter play and urged him to play a few more rounds. However, Dexter decided to stop and
called the server over. “I will leave these two boxes of tokens for you to share. I hope you all have a
good time tonight.”

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