That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 102

Ointment on Her Hands

He did not ask them to pay. The private lounge was filled with cheers of joy.

Dexter sipped his tea and turned to Leo. “You should listen to your father. Settle abroad as soon as you


Leo’s expression changed as he finally realized the meaning behind those words. He had questions to
ask, but Dexter, who did not want to say much, had already left.

Josie washed her hands, but they were still stinging. I always get hurt when I’m with Dexter. What
rotten luck!

She left the washroom to find him in the corridor, leaning against the railing while making a call. “It’s
confirmed. The one above Martin Lane is a person called Ardon.”

He replied with a hum after a moment of pause, and his eyes fell on Josie. She had complied all this
time and kept the mask on. He waved to her.

She went up to him and heard vaguely the voice on the other end of the call saying, “You can look
forward to the news, latest by November.”

“October. I cannot wait.” He pinched her hand. The redness that would not leave bothered him.

The person on the other end replied hesitantly, “I’ll try my best.”

The call ended. Dexter kept his phone as an attendant went up to them. “Here’s the thing you
requested, Mr. Russell.”

It was a tube of ointment for burns. He took it and opened the cap. “Does it hurt a lot?”

Josie suddenly felt that her hand was unimportant. She asked curiously, “Were you testing Mr. Ardon?
And you got some useful information out of it.”

“How did you know?”

“It seemed you were concerned for him, but you were just fishing for information. He’s a fool for
revealing everything. It looks like he thinks of you as his biological brother.” Her injury felt soothed as
he spread the ointment over her hands. “He never would have expected this brother‘ to hurt him.”

Dexter raised an eyebrow and gave her a look. “You’re painting me black.”

“And you’re not?” Josie gave him an incredulous look. She could not label the cunning man as a
reasonable person in any way.

Back then, she only knew him as the CEO of Russell Group. She did not know that he was a close
friend of Heaven on Earth’s head or that he was Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s actual boss. It was child’s
play if he wanted to make a person disappear.

Fear budded in her heart.

The redness finally reduced as the ointment was spread evenly on her hands. He put the unfinished
tube into her purse and headed to the elevator.

“The world is not as simple as you think. If I don’t make a move, others will.”

Josie widened her steps to follow him. She did not pursue the matter anymore. “Is this place similar to


Theres a world of difference between the two His is underground while mine is legal”

With current politics opening a legal castro in Wavery was not umpir. Dexter had not onis done it but
also developed it into a tourist destination When travelers from other countries ame to Wavery they
always stopped by the casino for a game or two

But because it was a legal establishment, under–the–counter dealings were much easier

Perhaps because Dexter was always by her side Joue did not feel afraid but instead found it fun. It was
the opposite when she was in Heaven on Earth

They stepped out of the hotel Josse pulled her mask down for some fresh air. But before she could
speak. Dexter said in a low voice. Put it back on

Baffled, she raised her head to see a black Cayenne stopping before them as its window rolled down.

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