That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 90

Calvin's Territory

“That’s not true. It’s only the usual fare. My subordinates must have alarmed you unnecessarily with
their ignorance.

Calvin remained calm as ever and swept a glance over the private lounge. He narrowed his eyes upon
noticing a woman seated on the couch, concealing her face with her hands.

“I only wish to remind you that the authorities have kept a tight watch on us recently, so don’t cause any
trouble,” Calvin replied indifferently and asked the waiter behind him to bring in a dozen bottles of beer.

“Of course I won’t, Mr. Barrett. You showed me such good hospitality and even sent a woman to me.
Why would I want to cause you trouble?”

The woman covered her face more securely. Seeing that, Calvin smirked and replied, “I wish you an
enjoyable time, Mr. Lane.”

After Calvin left the room, Josie closed her eyes in despair. She never expected Calvin to own this

Josie could tell from how Calvin looked at her that he recognized her. Yet, he did not say anything. It
meant he feared Mr. Lane and wanted nothing to do with her.

Perhaps he would only consider helping her if she mentioned Dexter’s name. However, Josie could not
say anything at the time for some reason.

“Mr. Barrett, what’s the matter?” the waiter could not help but ask when he noticed Calvin walking fast.
“Mr. Russell has a business gathering on the top floor, right?” Calvin sounded tense.

Dexter had just arrived and met with a group of people who enjoyed this kind of place. He had no
choice. but to join them.

Most of the people from Landon had arrived. Each senior director had a woman in their embrace. Only
Dexter sat alone in his seat, fiddling with his cards.

He pulled out a card and tossed it gently on the table. The police are keeping a close watch these
days. I was quite surprised by the phone call.

“I bumped into Mr. Carter at Southeast Reservoir last week. He also said something similar.” A portly
man also tossed a card onto the table. “Seems like you and Mr. Carter have a tacit understanding.”

“That’s not true. Arnold will be bored if I don’t compete with him for what he wants.”

Dexter calmly indicated to the server to increase his bet

“Martin Lane has nearly done transferring his properties. Once that happens, he will be charged with
embezzlement. I’m afraid it means trouble to you and Arnold’s plan to purchase Landon.”

-Dexter appeared unfazed. It seemed as if the matter was within his expectation. “There is a solution to
everything. Martin is dense. He’s the reason for Landon’s decline. It’s easy to deal with foolish people,
and there are plenty of ways to choose from. Still, thank you for reminding me, Mr. York.”

“Dexter. The man called Mr. York continued frankly, “I’ve always favored you over Arnold. If this matter
succeeds, we will be in the same boat. I want a portion of Landon’s wealth.”

Dexter pursed his lips and was about to speak. However, Calvin suddenly opened the private lounge

and rushed into the room. He apologized to the guests, I’m sorry for the interruption.”

Then, he leaned toward Dexter’s ear and whispered, “Something happened.”

Dexter’s expression changed. He knew something severe must have happened to make Dexter

Thus, he revealed his cards and placed them on the table, saying, “Gentlemen, I’ve won.”

Then, he got up and left the private lounge. The other guests whispered and discussed amongst
themselves as he left. “What’s going on?”

Calvin observed Dexter’s expression and said, “Josie is on the third floor.”

Dexter’s usually indifferent expression had turned dangerously intimidating. He ignored Calvin’s
confusion and voice worriedly, “What is she doing here?”

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