That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 113

Get Down the Car

Ivy didn’t refute her observations. Instead, she forcefully laughed and said, “It all depends on Mr.

Mrs. York wanted to continue speaking to her, but the study’s door opened, and Dexter walked out in a
confident gait. He looked alluring as his shirt was slightly unbuttoned.

Ivy immediately stood up and passed him his coat. “Mr. Russell.

Dexter put on his coat and told Mrs. York, “Mr. York’s tea is cooled down. Please make him a fresh cup.
I’ll come another day.”

Mrs. York smiled politely as she saw her guests off. Once they were gone, her smile faded, and her
face took on a look of determination as she hurried into the study. “Harvey!”

It was getting colder as the night fell. The cold wind stung their faces as they walked outside.

Ivy followed Dexter into the car. “Mr. Russell, did Harvey agree?”

“He has to agree even if he doesn’t want to.” Dexter tapped his fingers on the handle. “Ten years ago,
he trampled on the lives of many to get where he is today. Now, he has his eyes on Russell Group’s
profit. He’s not qualified to go against me.”

Harvey was exhausted after the discussion. He looked at Dexter as if looking into the devil’s eyes,
fearful of what he might do,

“That’s great! As long as Harvey York sells us his shares, we’ll have a greater chance of defeating
Martin Lane and Arnold Carter.”

“Arnold wouldn’t just sit around and wait. He must be convincing the other shareholders.”

Dexter’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw Calvin’s name displayed on the screen.
There were already a few missed calls from Calvin.

He looked towards Ivy, who had her head down. She felt apologetic as she explained, “It’s your
personal call; I did not dare to pick it up.”

“What is it?” Dexter held his phone by his car.

He spoke into the phone for half a minute, his face growing grimmer with each passing second. “Stop


The driver immediately stopped the car, and Ivy’s body leaned forward and knocked her head on the

of the seat.

“Mr. Russell…”

“Get down the car, Dexter stated calmly as he kept his phone.

Ivy was taken aback by his reaction. Her words were on the tip of her tongue, but she hesitated. Soon
after, she opened the car door and went out.

The car drove away, leaving Ivy alone in the dark. Her lone solitary figure walked miserably along the
road; her tears welled up in her eyes as she struggled to keep them in.

His Porsche car drove through the darkness like a knife.

Calvin was waiting at the entrance when he saw Dexter leave the car, his face twisted with anger. He
looked at his watch and said, “You only took ten minutes to get here. Is that necessary? She wouldn’t
lose a finger while she’s here.”

Dexter’s eyes flashed with fury as he glared at Calvin. “Can’t you send her home?”

“How would I know where she stays?” Despite knowing the truth, Calvin jokingly asked, “Should I send
her back to Mason Garden then?”

“Nonsense.” Dexter wasn’t in the mood to argue with him. “Where is she?”

“Third floor.”

Josie was bored, so she played a few rounds of her mobile game before her phone died. She then lay
on the sofa to sleep.

‘Dexter opened the private room and saw the scene unfold before his eyes.

Her sleeping posture was prim and proper. She even covered her legs with a coat. Only half of her face
was showing, and her eyelids were trembling.

His anger melted away at the sight of her delicate features.

Josie was woken up by the heat as her surroundings became warmer. She slowly opened her eyes and

a man sitting down beside her legs.

Dexter was smoking. He took a puff of his cigarette, and the smoke obscured his face. His expression
was unreadable, and he didn’t say a word.

Josie rubbed her eyes, her mind still in a daze. Then, her eyes widened in surprise as she recognized
the man before her.

“Dexter, you’re here?” she sat up quickly, wincing as she felt the pain in her neck.

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