That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 114

I Was Afraid You Would Be in Danger

He turned his head to look at her. The ember of the cigarette glowed softly, flickering in the dark room.

“Couldn’t you wait at home for me to come back?” He expressed his frustrations through his tone of

Josie pondered her response, knowing he likely already knew most of what had happened earlier. She
kept her head down and replied. “I know you’ve been stressed lately about acquiring Landon, so I
came out in a hurry to tell you something important about the project.”

Josie suspected her accidental eavesdropping from earlier must be related to this project, so she tried
her best to get to him as soon as possible.

Dexter snuffed his cigarette in the ashtray and blew the final puff of smoke in her face. She felt
suffocated by the smoke and wanted to move away, but he held onto her neck and said under his
breath, “What do you know?”

Josie’s face turned red. He held her so close that she could see the small mole he bore under his eyes.
She held onto her breath, explained everything she knew, and said timidly. “Did I cause more trouble
for you?”

That was not true. She’s been here all night without doing anything.

Dexter tightened his grip, and his eyes were awash with conflicting emotions. “You must think you’re
very clever.”

She didn’t know he was already aware of Mrs. Ardon’s plans and the trouble she would face if her
identity were revealed. But worst of all, she didn’t realize how dangerous it would be for her if she got
caught by the Ardon Family.

Dexter was worried about the former, but comparatively, he was more concerned about how her
negligence would affect the latter’s outcome.

His heart was pounding at the thought of something terrible happening to Josie.

Josie didn’t try to escape from his grasp. Instead, she apologized. Im sorry; I’ll be more careful next

Her tender gaze and actions were all locked into Dexter’s eyes.

He looked down and asked, “Why did you come to find ine even though it’s so risky?”

Josie was at a loss for words. Her eyes were dull, and her shoulders slumped. “I was afraid you would
be in danger. Her voice was trembling.

Dexter felt his heart skip a beat but tried to conceal his expression. “Why didn’t you call me?”

Josie felt dumbfounded when he made this comment. She even thought of taking out his phone from
his pocket.

“I called you three times. You didn’t answer and even ended the call immediately

Her eyes watered, and her heart pounded as she explained.

Dexter’s brows furrowed as he didn’t notice any missed calls from her when he checked his phone.

He grabbed her hands, which were trembling. Then, holding her hands, he suddenly asked, “Josic, are
you flirting with me right now?”

Josie was stunned. She pursed her lips and swore, “No, not this time.”

She sure is honest.

Dexter grinned at her reaction and raised his eyebrows. He finally released his grip from her neck and
cradled her head in his hands.

The smell of the smoke was thick but wasn’t unpleasant, Josie was so close to him that she could feel
his breath on her skin and her heart pounding in her chest.

It’s too close. They were too close.


“Actually, you succeeded in winning my heart. Twice. Dexter caressed her lips with his large hands. His
voice was a raspy whisper, making her knees feel weak.

Josie didn’t move an inch as she probed, “When?” –

“First time was when you knelt beside Mr. Lane and looked at me with your pitiful eyes.”

Dexter felt like he was losing his mind then. His rage boiled over as he glared at the filthy man. He
wanted to tear him limb from limb, to make him suffer for what he had done.

Josie was startled at his confession. She had no intention of winning his heart, but he fell for her at her
most devastating moment.

“What about the second time,” she asked carefully.


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