That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 105

Do You Want Him Alive or Dead

I can’t believe even Jenny knows! Justin’s going to end up in h*ll!

Jenny wouldn’t back out. She bit Josie’s hand forcefully as she struggled on the floor.

“Someone help me! She is targeting the person who cared for her for over ten years. What an
ungrateful brat! Hurry up and look at how she mistreats me!”

Jenny intentionally fell to the ground and shouted at the top of her lungs.

Josie felt her hair stand as the hypocritical act unfolded before her eyes. “Get up right now! Aren’t you


Jenny continued to cry her eyes out while hitting her thighs. She wasn’t willing to move an inch from
her .spot.

People started to come out of their private rooms when they heard the commotion. They were all
upper- class and wealthy ladies who were snickering at the scene. One of them complained to the staff,
“What is happening? Why is it so noisy? Do you just let anyone in?”

The staff was put in a difficult position and stuttered, “Ms. Warren, this..

Josie felt her face flush under the mask. She inhaled deeply, knelt before Jenny, and softly warned her.
“Do you want your son to live?”

In a split second, Jenny paused in the middle of her tantrum. Her eyes widened as her hands reached
out to grab Josie. “What do you mean? What are you planning to do to my son?”

“Why don’t you continue throwing a fit, and we’ll see what happens?” Josie’s voice was soft, but her
tone was assertive and unwavering. Jenny’s eyes trembled in fright, and she scrambled to her feet.

“Let’s talk elsewhere,” Josie ordered her.

As they walked away, the ladies in the beauty salon rolled their eyes in contempt amid receiving their
facial treatment. “What a lack of class.”

“Mrs. Ardon, I vaguely heard them mentioning Russell Group. It’s the corporation under the Russell

The lady, addressed as Mrs. Ardon, was calm and composed. She shrugged it off by saying, “It doesn’t
matter. How would those two have anything against the Russell Group?”

“That’s true.”

At the same time, a confrontation ensued on the other end of the corner.

“I only have one thing to say. Get my son out of there. He has to get married!” Jenny’s face turned red,
and her veins were about to pop out of her neck.

Josie smirked at her and scornfully replied, “Who is he getting married to? Nicole Hart? She left
Wavery so she wouldn’t need to get married to your son!”

Jenny seemed unaware of this fact. Her eyes were blazing red as she yelled coldly. “You’re talking
nonsense! She has no reason to leave! You must’ve told Nicole about Justin!”

Josie held onto her wrist. As she tightened her grip, Jenny winched in pain.

“You’re right. I’m the one who told Nicole! Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want to marry Justin!
Don’t you think you should thank me instead? If it weren’t for me, Justin wouldn’t have the chance to

repay his debts and would’ve already been beaten to death.”

“You! You!” Her hands started to shiver as she pointed her finger at Josic. I’ll find your wealthy husband
and tell him about your shameless attitude! I’ll make him get my son out of there!”

Josie pushed her hands away and warned her, “If you dare to go near him. I’ll let your son rot there for
life! Try me!”

Jenny was utterly defeated. Her eyes glared at Josie with rage and hatred.

“Do you want your son alive or dead? It’s up to you.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t embarrass myself here by blurting out nonsense. Instead, I would treat my
husband well and wait patiently at home for my son.”

Josie left immediately and went to the staff to lead her back to the room.

She was confident that Jenny didn’t have the guts to find Dexter, nor would she ever have the chance
to meet him face to face. However, today’s incident at the beauty salon was risky, especially if
someone with ill intentions heard their conversation.

As she mulled over that thought, she took a deep breath and pulled up her mask.

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