That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 125

His Heart Is Failing

Josie calmed down when she saw Claire’s face red from anger.

“I don’t care! You’re the main designer, so you’re responsible. It has nothing to do with me.” Claire
seemed defeated. She rushed back to her office angrily in her heels.

Josie sneered after Claire left.

But Josie was running out of time. She had to work overtime to finish the design, and it wasn’t easy to
draw on the bus. Josie had tried it a few times, but it was inefficient. And for some reason, she felt
someone following her, but she wouldn’t see anyone or anything when.

she turned.

Is it Justin? But he’s now with Calvin.

Josie felt that she was going mad from working overtime, so she decided to hitch a ride with Dexter for
the remaining days.

It just so happened that he only left work late at night. No one would bump into them in the office.

In the car, Josie smiled while holding onto her laptop. She chatted happily with the driver. “Thank you,
Mr. Sorby.

The driver, Chris Sorby, glanced at the man’s dark expression in the rearview mirror and didn’t dare say
anything. “You’re too polite, Mrs. Russell… You can call me Chris.”

Josie ignored him. She turned on her laptop, and the modeling page popped up.

Dexter massaged his temples. He disapproved of her actions. “What kind of a design can you come up
with by working at the last minute?”

Josie didn’t even raise her head. “Mr. Russell, it’s best for you not to comment since this isn’t your

Dexter narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t be bothered to argue with her further.

The Porsche drove quickly at night and raced past the city’s neon lights. The car was silent. Dexter was
replying to emails. There was a rapport between the two as they tapped on their keyboards.

At this time, the piercing sound of a phone ringing broke their rhythm.

Josie took out her cell phone. When she saw that it was a call from Matthew, she immediately
answered in fright. “Matt?”

Dexter stopped typing.

Matthew’s voice was loud and panicked. “Jo! Quickly come to the hospital. Your dad’s heart is failing,
and he suddenly stopped breathing. We’re trying to save him now!”

Josie’s hand started to tremble, and her throat tightened. “I’ll come now!”

She ended the call, shut her laptop abruptly, and looked at Dexter, who was beside her. He said
decisively, “To the hospital!”

Josie clenched her hands tightly and took a sip of water. She looked entirely lost.

“My dad has never been in such a situation all these years that he’s been sick. Is he…”

Dexter’s calm voice suppressed her anxiety. “No. It’s normal for patients in a vegetative state to
experience heart failure. It’s alright if the doctors can save him.”

Josie’s eyes met his. “What if… they can’t…”

“Josie, Dexter stopped, and his voice softened, “that won’t happen.”

The car stopped at the hospital entrance, and Josie immediately exited the car before running in.
Dexter slammed the car door, and he followed her quickly and urgently.

It was like a hundred-meter dash for Josie because she was so nervous. She bumped into countless
people on the way and apologized to them numbly until she reached the



The outside of the operating theatre was empty. A nurse rushed back and forth with medical
equipment, and Josie suddenly grabbed her. “Miss, how is my dad?”

“We’re still trying to save him now.”

Dexter had arrived. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. He said to the nurse, I’m
sorry. You can go ahead.”

Josie had lost all sense of propriety, and she fell into his arms weakly. She heard his voice from above.
“Calm down. Everything will be fine.”

The words ‘In Surgery’ were brightly lit outside the operating theatre. It made Josie tremble.

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