That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 118

On–Site Survey

Claire wasn’t lying when she said she wouldn’t participate in the on–site survey.

Josie knocked on her office twice but didn’t get any response.

“Sylmark is quite far away from here. Why don’t I tag along?” Alice whispered.

“Don’t worry. You have work to do. I’ll handle it on my own.”

Josie put the files and a sketchbook in her bag and left Russell Group’s office immediately.

North of Wavery was where the capitalists and wealthy families resided, while the south was home to
ordinary residents. It had a lively atmosphere, with goods sold at reasonable prices.

The Warren Family also lived here. Josie had spent thirteen years in this part of the city.

She took a deep breath of the air in the familiar city. Suddenly, she recalled that Jenny hadn’t bothered
her lately, even after she boldly announced that she would find Dexter alone. Did she actually feel
threatened. by her words?

many people lived here, there were houses everywhere. Sylmark was a thriving community with a
strategic location. The town was home to several elementary, middle, and high schools. Once Russell.
Group’s housing estate was up for sale, it would surely be sold out quickly.

The amount of money Dexter used to bid for this property was worth every penny.

The sun beat down on the workers working on the demolished building. Josie walked around the
building. scanning its overall structure. She held a sketchbook to sketch the design of the building.

She later rested under a large tree, and the warm glow of the afternoon’s sun shone on her face. There
was a grandmother and her granddaughter at a playground nearby. The little girl suddenly pointed
toward her and repeated, “She’s drawing!”

Josie felt her heart melt at the little girl’s actions. She pulled a wrapped candy from her bag and offered
it to the little girl with a warm smile. “I have a sweet for you.”

The grandmother encouraged her to receive the candy from Josie. “Remember to thank the kind lady.”

“Thank you.”

Her voice was tender and adorable, filling Josie’s heart with warmth.

“Miss, what are you drawing? Why are there so many lines?”

Im drawing for fun. Just practicing.” Josie replied.

The grandmother looked quite confused. “My eldest granddaughter also learns drawing. She’s very

“Is she in university now?”

“She just got into university this year after she moved from the rural area to the city. Her parents
contemplated for a long time whether to buy a place for her to stay in the school district. After struggling
to cover the cost, it turned out that they had paid for an unfinished apartment. She had lived there for
three years despite the undesirable condition.”

The grandmother sighed before continuing. “Now, even this unfinished building is getting demolished.”

Josie looked around her and saw many unfinished buildings. Every one of them reflected the struggles
of the households.

It should be a joyful experience for a child to live in the school district as there are excellent schools, a
safe environment, and plenty of extracurricular activities, but…

“I’m not sure what would happen to this building, but I hope history won’t repeat itself.”

Josie’s eyes were awash with conflicting emotions. “It won’t happen again.”

Suddenly, she noticed the little girl walking towards the road. “Madam! The little girl!”

The grandmother quickly turned around and shouted, “Oh no! Darling!”

But the little girl had already stepped onto the road. She was in a blind spot, and a car was
approaching her at a high speed.

Josie dropped her sketchbook and ran toward the girl. She scooped her up and hugged her tightly,
relief flooding through her.

The car behind her screeched to a halt. The driver was sweating profusely as he yelled at them. “Why
did you let her run away by herself? How irresponsible!”

The little girl was crying in her arms. Josie couldn’t care less about the scratch in her arms as she
hugged the little girl tightly and comforted her. “It’s okay. I’m here now,”

She turned to the driver and apologized. Later, Josie carried the little girl to the sidewalk to let the car


The car started to move slowly, Just as it was about to pass by her, the car came to a stop.

The windows of the back seat rolled down.

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