That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 127

Marking His Territory

A large hand fell on her shoulder as soon as she spoke, and Dexter’s voice was heard. “I am Jo’s
husband, Dexter Russell.”

It was a bolt from the blue.

Matthew’s scrutinizing gaze turned vigilant. There was also very subtle malice.

Josie raised her head, baffled. Tears were still in the corners of her eyes. She never thought Dexter
would admit it in front of the medical team and Matthew, an outsider.

“It’s you.” After a long time, Matthew laughed lightly. He reached out to shake Dexter’s hand. “I’ve
heard Jo mention it.”

In other words. Matthew was implying that he and Josie were good friends who knew everything about
each other. Or perhaps they were more than friends.

Upon hearing it. Dexter looked down. “Oh? I didn’t know that Mrs. Russell had such a good relationship
with Dr. Sander.”

The grip on Josie’s shoulder tightened, and her blood froze. However, this wasn’t the place to explain.

Thankfully, nurses pushed Josie’s dad out of the operating theatre at this time. Josie found an excuse
to leave. “Dad is out. I’m going to see him.” Since Dexter had started this mess, he could deal with it

Dexter was six feet tall and towered over Matthew slightly when they stood opposite each other. Dexter
spoke in a deep voice. “Dr. Sander, I heard that you requested to join Paul’s medical team. You used to
be his attending physician, so I approved of it. Thank you for your hard work.”

Matthew looked to the side and saw Josie looking closely at her dad. “It’s my duty as a doctor. You’re

devoted too, Mr. Russell. The medical team is excellent. But it’s my first time. seeing you in three

A smile appeared on Dexter’s face. “You’ve never met me, Dr. Sander, but I’ve seen you. previously.”

Matthew frowned. He didn’t remember. “Where have you seen me, Mr. Russell?”

“At the business district near the hospital. You were eating with my wife at the time. What was it?”
Dexter thought about it earnestly. “I think it was Italian food.”

Matthew’s expression changed. He never imagined Dexter had seen him eating with Josie


“What tone are you using with me, Mr. Russell? I’ve known Jo for three years. Is there anything wrong
with us having a meal together?”

Dexter’s lips curved. “Of course not. I hope you can have a meal with both of us next time. It’ll be on

Matthew held his tongue and didn’t answer. He stared in Josie’s direction, looking captivated by her.

Dexter silently blocked Matthew’s line of sight by stepping to the side. “Jo and I got married in a rush. I
haven’t had time to come with her to the hospital, but I will come frequently after this. Dr. Sander, you
can also talk to me if you need to speak with Jo.”

It was a marriage agreement, but Dexter used his identity as Josie’s husband to mark his territory.
Matthew was slightly perplexed.

Josie’s dad was pushed into the hospital room, and Josie followed up with the nurse. Matthew
suddenly appeared behind her, examining Paul’s physical signs skillfully. He said casually, “Is he
worried that I will publicly reveal his identity? Is that why he’s acting as a good husband before me?”

Josie was confused. She stood up and saw Dexter’s figure at the hospital room door, talking to
someone on the phone as though dealing with work.

“What did he say to you?”

Matthew sounded slightly angry. “He said I can also speak to him if I need to speak with you.”

Josie also felt that what Dexter said had overstepped a boundary. Dexter shouldn’t have been so open
about his identity, but her mind was a mess at this time. She didn’t notice anything strange, so she
said, “Yes. He’s afraid you will make it public.”

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