That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 122

The Excitement in the Elevator

Dexter slowly walked to her and grabbed her face in his hands. “Let me guess. It wasn’t a brief
encounter. I suppose!”

Josie could no longer deceive him as he had her in his grasp. “I saw him in Sylmark while I was
surveying the grounds on–site. It was a coincidence. I had no choice”

Dexter’s eyes were as sharp as an eagle. Nothing could go unnoticed under his watch.

“Sylmark.” Dexter clenched his jaws as he repeated. Suddenly, he connected the dots. “The south of
the city. It must be today.”

Josie’s face was flushed. His eyes sparkled, and he didn’t look furious. Dexter released his hands and
said, “If you know this is a trap, then do you know what Arnold gains from this?”

After he released her, she gasped for air and tried to speak. “Him? I don’t know?”

“After Arnold exposed my weakness and Alex Lee was injured, every executive in Landon looked at us
with suspicion and distrust. The ones who were initially on our side also ended up supporting the Carter
Group. 1 put in a lot of effort to win the favor of two of the executives. Josie, how would you pay me
back for this?

Josie carefully mulled over his explanation. If he was telling the truth, it would be a significant loss for
him. “I know you’ve found the key person needed to take over Landon. If he’s defeated, the other
executives would have no say over the acquisition.”

“It’s not that easy to defeat him. Besides, I never had to go through such a difficult pathway initially

Dexter’s eyes were serious and unwavering. The redness in her face has slowly faded away.

Josie furrowed her brows without saying anything. After a moment, she looked up at him with a wide
grin. “Mr. Russell, you mentioned that Arnold had found your weakness. Does that mean your
weakness is me?”

Dexter shifted his gaze, baffled by her comment. He quickly took his coat from his seat and left his
office. Josie quickly took her bag and followed behind. “Why aren’t you answering me? Am I your
weakness?” Dexter wouldn’t turn around to look at her. “It’s the identity of my wife. Not you.”

“Am I not your wife?”

Josie suddenly wrapped her hands around his arms. He stayed still and didn’t push her away as he
pressed the button for the lift.

“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Josie’s mischievous smile was spread across her face. “Did you assign me the Sylmark project
because you

like me?*

Dexter walked into the elevator without answering her.

Once the doors closed, she leaned closer to him. “Are you ignoring me?”

The elevator was large and mirrored, reflecting their every move Josie’s arms wrapped around his
waist, slowly trailing her fingers along his abs. “Dexter, this is your personal elevator. Would anyone
monitor us

from the CCTV? If we did something here, no one would notice, right?”

He has abs even with the heavy workload? He must be really disciplined.

Dexter tilted his head, and their faces were almost touching. At the slightest movement, their lips would

His eyes were cold and distant. He grunted coldly, thinking of what happened the last time, “Don’t move
so close to me.”“”

“Don’t you like the thrill?” Josie’s hands continued trailing along his abs. He felt a shiver down his spine
when she reached his lower abdomen and grabbed her hands. “Stop moving

Josie was lost in her thoughts, excited to mess around with Dexter.

Their clothes were messy, and their reflections in the mirrored walls were anything but innocent. Dexter
‘didn’t respond to her tease, but his eyes looked captivating to her.

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