That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 85

Requested to Join the Medical Team

“I miss you, Dad.”

Josie sat by the bed in the VIP hospital room. She used a wet towel to wipe the old man’s arm Josie’s
dad had been lying in bed for too long, and his muscles degenerated. Even his skin was aging. He
didn’t look like he was in his forties. Instead, he looked like he was in his fifties or sixties.

Josie was distressed when she looked at her dad. He had been healthy but had aged in the past three

“Dad, quickly wake up, alright? I’ve been feeling very miserable at the office recently. Listen to me, then
pat my head, alright?”

“Things aren’t going too well at home either. Justin’s madness knows no bounds. Wake up and deal
with him. He fears you the most.”

The wet towel was wrung dry repeatedly. Josie was exceptionally patient. She kept talking to herself
while constantly paying attention to see if her dad was reacting.

After wiping his entire body, Josie’s dad still didn’t react. Only the pulsating lines on the ECC proved
that he was still alive.

Josie felt weighed down. She sat at one side and was lost in thought.

She hadn’t actually received a call from the hospital today. She just felt depressed and wanted to see


After the incident with Justin, it had been a long time since she had come to the hospital. She felt
slightly guilty.

She stared at her dad’s aged face and thought to herself. If he wakes up, he must feel distressed about
my sacrifices over the years. It’s a shame he’s asleep. No one else in this world will ask me if I’m
happy. No one.

“Jo?” The room of the hospital door suddenly opened. Matthew was in white, looking gentle and
dignified. Josie immediately stood up. “Dr. Sander.”

Matthew indicated for her to sit. “Why do you keep calling me that? You used to call me Matt in the
past.” Josie didn’t know why. It seemed like she kept a distance from other men after she married

“It’s alright that I came without warning today, right? Has there been any changes with my dad

“Of course. You’re the patient’s family. It’s only natural for you to visit.” Matthew’s hands were in his
pocket. He was watching Josie from the start until the end. He wanted to say something but didn’t. “I’m
not your father’s attending doctor, but I followed up with his medical team. According to them, he’s
stable for now. Don’t worry, Jo.”

“That’s good…” Stable. It meant that there wasn’t any improvement. Josie was slightly disappointed,
but she

didn’t show it.

“I heard you were here, so I came to see you.” Matthew took out an orange from his pocket. “The head
nurse gave me this. I heard it’s sweet. Do you want it?”

Josie smiled. “The head nurse gave it to you. It’s not nice for me to eat it.”

Matthew also smiled. He took out a pocket knife to cut the orange, revealing its slightly orange flesh.
He said. “I recently requested to join your father’s medical team. After all, I’ve followed up with his
medical condition for three years. I know his condition well.”

Josie was slightly surprised, but she was also delighted. “That’s great. I will feel reassured if you’re part
of my father’s treatment team.”

She trusted him.

“Everything is still in the process. I don’t know if the higher levels will approve, but I will try to fight for
it.” Matthew cut the orange into slices and put one near Josie’s lips. “I don’t have time to eat. Help me
try it.”

Josie froze. She was almost swept away by Matthew’s gentle and affectionate gaze. She opened her
mouth and bit into the fruit. “Mm! It’s sweet! Try it!”

Upon seeing her eat it, Matthew put one slice into his mouth.

“You called me some time ago and asked me to look out for Justin. You didn’t come to the hospital after
that. Why? Did something happen?”

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