That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 121

A Trap

“Who is it?”

Dexter asked in his deep and gravelly voice.

Josie appeared from the dark and slowly walked into his office’s soft glow of light. “Are you always this
alert, Mr. Russell”

Her canvas bag was slung over her shoulders, and her work outfit was simple. Nonetheless, the office
was large and luxurious, with a high ceiling and an open view of the city. Josie felt like a small fish in a
big pond.

Once he saw her, the scowl on his face faded. “Why didn’t you return to Mason Garden?*

Josie put her bag down and went closer to him. Her finger rested on his furrowed brows as she said, “I
was on my way back, but I decided to wait for Mr. Russell as I saw the lights at the top floor were still

Dexter grabbed onto her hands without losing the frown on his face. “I see you’re no longer afraid of
getting caught.”

Josie shook her head. “Isn’t it thrilling to have an office romance?”

She leaned in closer to him, leaving almost no gap between them. Dexter narrowed his eyes when he
sensed a familiar smell from her body..

“You’re still a little blunt. You love to call me Mr. Russell whenever you seduce me.” Dexter pushed her
away softly with a look of disdain masking his face. “A man’s desire cannot be easily awakened with
stiff flirtation.”

Josie had no intention of seducing him. Instead, she tilted her head slightly and asked, “I feel this is
right up Mr. Russell’s alley. Or else, why would you let me handle the Sylmark project?”

She had her cards out on the table, but Dexter seemed uninterested. He stared at the antique clock in
his ” office. It was five–hundred–year–old antique worth hundreds of thousands. Its design was

“There’s no one better fit for this position than you. You shouldn’t act naive when you’ve got what you
wanted easily.”

Josie fell silent. This must be why he doesn’t have any friends. Who would want to be close to him
when he has such a wicked mouth?

“Is it truly because I’m the best fit?” Josie stood behind him and looked at him in confusion. “It’s
reasonable for me to save Justin. No one would doubt my intentions. But Mr. Russell, you must’ve set
up a chess game and made us your pawns you could control anytime. Am I right?”

Dexter finally turned around and calmly stared at her. “I don’t understand what you’re saying?”

Josie smirked at his feigned indifference. “It’s rare Mr. Russell can’t understand such simple words.”

She was fully alert, like a porcupine ready to defend herself.

“The Carter Group and the Russell Group have been enemies for a long time, and you’re clearly not on
good terms with Arnold Carter. He racked his brain to find your weakness, so he set up a trap for you in
Wavery, even though he was in Rivodia. He used me to test you, and you fell into his trap. My face was
thus ruined by his scheme.”

Josie continued in a composed manner. “So you assigned me the Sylmark project as a way to
compensate me. I can’t deny that Mr. Russell still has some humanity.”

Dexter finally understood what she meant. He finished his cigarette and threw it into the bin.

“A businessman wouldn’t make decisions that do not profit them. So what did I gain from this?”

“You took advantage of the opportunity to get closer to Martin Lane and gain more insight about
Landon. This would make it easier for you to defeat Arnold Carter.”

Dexter lowered his head and grinned. “You met Arnold Carter.”

He made a statement without needing an answer from her.

Josie felt a surge of anxiety creeping within. This has been happening for a long time. I guessed it

‘Dexter immediately exposed her lie. “I could smell La Romance Conti from your body. Only Arnold

Carter owns this wine within Wavery.”

Josie never would’ve imagined she would be exposed by the red wine she didn’t even drink. How is he

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