That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 111

Finding Dexter

“Why are you here? This washroom is only open to VIPs,” Mrs. Ardon asked in a condescending tone.
She had a haughty demeanor, but her eyes were sharp and watchful.

“…It’s because I’m also a VIP member here,” Josie cleared her throat and answered without showing a

of weakness.

“You too?” Their faces twisted in disgust as they looked at each other in disbelief. “Show me your


Their gazes were pressuring and unyielding. Josie knew she was outnumbered, so she had no choice
but to take the card out of her bag.

Mrs. Ardon snatched the card away from her hands and compared it to the one she had before she
concluded. “It’s not fake.”

“Did you get it yourself?”

This question triggered a woman’s dignity, so Josie answered with conviction, “Of course not. It’s my
husband who got it for me.”

Don’t tell me she’s going to ask who’s the husband?

“Who’s your husband?”

Josie was racking her head to figure out how to answer this question without raising suspicions. After a
short silence, she said, “I’m sure you know we can’t carelessly reveal our spouse’s identity in this

industry. I hope you understand I can’t answer your question.”

They were wary of her but accepted her explanation as that was true.

“Mrs. Ardon, she must be a mistress of a top executive,”

Mrs. Ardon tidied her hair and found no reason to be suspicious of her anymore. “I understand. You

leave now.”

Josie left in haste without looking back. She was afraid of being pried on any further.

They must’ve been mistresses, seeing as they accepted such a vague explanation.

On her way back to Mason Garden, Mrs. Ardon’s words lingered in her mind.

Landon was the company Dexter planned to acquire. Was the evidence she mentioned related to this?

The sun was down. Josie quickly walked into Mason Garden and didn’t notice any cars parked inside.
“Hasn’t Mr. Russell returned home?”

The maid noticed she was feeling anxious and immediately explained, “Mr. Russell called. He said he
had a meeting tonight and wouldn’t come home.”

“Did he say where the meeting was held?”

“No, he didn’t.”

Josie inhaled deeply and anxiously circled the house. She hesitated for a while before making a call,
but no one answered. She tried dialing the number again, but the phone immediately went to voicemail.

Is he busy now? Josie felt something wasn’t right and left the house with her handbag

“Sir, please take me to Heaven on Earth.”

Based on his past record, he would never conduct urgent business meetings in his personal space.
Hence, there was only one other place Heaven on Earth.

The sky was painted with an orange hue as the sun disappeared below the horizon. The nightclub was
buzzing as people streamed in.

Josie was stopped at the door again. They asked her who she was looking for.

Josie stood frozen at the doorway. She couldn’t say she was there to find Mr. Lane anymore. Tim here
for Mr. Barrett! The manager here. She was quick on her feet, and she answered confidently.

The attendant maintained professionalism by asking for more details. “Do you have a reservation?”

“It’s urgent. You’ll be accountable for the consequences if you don’t let me in immediately.” Josie
mustered up her courage and demanded with a firm voice.

The attendant was feeling hesitant, and exchanged glances with his colleague.

Soon after, one of the attendants walked into the nightclub and whispered to someone within the

She later saw Calvin’s eyes scanning the entrance. She waved her hands at him enthusiastically. It’s

His lips curled into a wide smile when he saw her. He quickly apologized to the executive he was
talking to and strode out to the entrance. “Ms. Warren, why are you here?”

Josie looked behind him and asked, “Is Dexter here?”

Calvin hinted at her to join him inside. As the music and chatter in the nightclub were deafening, they
found a quiet corner to continue their conversation.

“Why do you want to find Dex?”

Josie furrowed her brows. “You haven’t answered me.”

Calvin’s smile grew deeper as he observed her suspiciously. “Even if he’s here, I can’t let you enter as
you wish.”

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