That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 128

Because He Likes You

Matthew kept his equipment and said solemnly, “You know I won’t do anything to harm you.”

Josie was touched, and she nodded frantically. “I do. Matt, I’m very thankful for you, as always.
Sometimes, I feel like you’re a brother to me.”

Matthew wasn’t happy when he heard it. His lips twitched. “Nice try. Stop trying to take advantage of
me. I don’t want to be your brother.”

Josie didn’t think much of it. She felt slightly embarrassed.

Josie only sat down when the medical staff left. She held her dad’s bony hand and couldn’t say
anything for a long while. “… What do I have to do to wake you up?”

She stayed in place of the care worker that night. Dexter had walked over after he ended his call, and
he didn’t react when she told him. “I’ll stay with you.”

Josie was surprised. Although the VIP hospital room was nice, it wasn’t a place for someone of
Dexter’s stature to stay.

Upon seeing her open her mouth in surprise, Dexter patted her head. “What’s up with your expression?
Getting old, sick, and dying is only natural. It happens to everyone, and it isn’t a unique experience.”

Josie was comforted by what he said. She asked, “Did you say that to Dr. Sander just now because
you’re worried he will expose us? Don’t worry. He won’t. He’s not that kind of person.”

Dexter leaned against the window and took out a pack of cigarettes. He unwrapped it. “Do you know
him well?”

“He’s basically my father’s savior.”

“I have this floor covered. Nothing will be leaked. As for Dr. Sander, I also trust that he won’t say
anything.” Dexter lit the cigarette between his lips and said casually, “Because he likes you.”

Josie’s eyes widened when she heard it. “You’re mad. Matt is like a brother to me. How can that be?”

He opened the window to let the smoke out. “How do you think he thinks of you?”

“There’s no way. If he likes me, why didn’t he tell me…” Josie couldn’t accept it.

Unlock succeeded

argue with her.

This was the first time Josie had heard of such a possibility, and she thought it was absurd. But her
thoughts wavered when she recalled the moments she interacted with Matthew. Josie never had the
time nor dared to have such thoughts. Now that she thought about it, it seemed likely.

“I’m ordinary, and I have nothing. I only have a sick father. Why would he like me?”

When Dexter heard her muttering, he ridiculed her. “Yes. I never thought I would marry someone like
you, either.”

Josie didn’t seem to hear him. She stared at the man on the hospital bed and was lost in thought.

“Dr. Sander doesn’t like me. He treats me like a friend. Don’t tease me. I’m thinking of how to make my
dad wake up.”

Josie had tried everything when her dad had first gone into a coma. She had tried staying overnight
with Justin, and she tried talking a lot to her dad. One year passed, and her dad didn’t move at all.

Gradually, she could only get her life in order first and work hard to afford his medical bills.

Dexter’s eyes closed slightly, and he extinguished his cigarette. “Let nature take its course. You can’t
force life or death.”

Josie’s figure stiffened. She didn’t turn around. “You’re ruthless.”

His actions paused. Josie suddenly asked, “Dexter, have you ever been unwilling to let go of anyone?
Other than your grandfather.”

Dexter sat near the light, and his face was half lit. After a moment, he answered indifferently, “Yes.”

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