That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 132

Birthday Present

“That’s right.” Mrs. Carroll didn’t feel anything strange.

Josie was slightly lost in thought. How is he so attentive?

Mrs. Carroll left late at night. Josie lay on the couch. She tossed and turned but couldn’t fall asleep.
Josie took out her cell phone and wanted to play games but wasn’t feeling it. In the end, she opened
her chat with Dexter. What is he doing now? Is he still at the dinner party?

He should be drinking, right? Did he drink too much? No, he’s always had his limits. No one can force
him to drink if he doesn’t want to.

Josie was actually quite nervous when faced with the meeting tomorrow. This was her first time in
charge of such a big project. She could make a name for herself, and many important figures would be

Josie suddenly thought to herself. Would Dexter be nervous if he were in my shoes? I don’t think so.
He’s experienced a lot.

Today, Dexter was at Leo’s birthday party. Leo had invited many friends, and everyone was having fun.
It was lively. Leo, who was from a wealthy family, liked famous figures and Internet celebrities, so a few
were invited.

Dexter didn’t quite like such occasions. Leo almost jumped with joy when he saw Dexter. “I thought you
wouldn’t come. Mr. Russell!”

“It’s your first birthday after returning to the country. How could I not show up?” Dexter leaned to the
side and gave a box amid the noise. “It’s a present for you.”


Leo’s eyes lit up, and he opened the present at once. A pair of car keys were inside.

“You kept asking me to remodel the car before you left the country. I held back because you were still
underage back then. I can give it to you now.”

Dexter had been wild when he was young. He was well-versed with race cars and tattoos, and Leo had
always worshipped him. Leo even dreamt of owning a Mercedes AMG G 63 that Dexter had personally

Leo was so excited that he was close to tears. “You treat me so well, Mr. Russell.”

Dexter smiled faintly.

After that, he sat in the corner and lit a cigarette. He looked at the lively younger people with

the dim lighting and didn’t seem to want to participate.

A few Internet celebrities wanted to approach him and offer him a drink. The man had such a different
demeanor. He was unrestrained yet dignified. Those Internet celebrities had met many wealthy people,
but not someone who was both rich and charming.

But Leo stopped them and warned them. “Don’t try to flirt with Mr. Russell. He won’t be interested.”

They could only give up and peek at Dexter reluctantly.

He sat in the corner for a long time. He didn’t smoke or play with his phone. He spaced out, lost in
thought and slightly distracted.

At this time, his cell phone on the table rang. He saw something and answered the call quickly but
didn’t move.

Josie heard the noise in the phone, and she wrinkled her brows. “Are you at a nightclub?”

Dexter never thought she would take the initiative to call, so he subconsciously asked, “Did something
happen at the hospital?”

Josie was silent and answered after a moment. “… No.”

Both of them were silent. Josie heard the noise on his end and felt awkward. “Actually, it’s nothing
much. I’m just bored by myself. Are you free?”

Dexter raised his brows. “I can’t come to the hospital if you want me to.”

Josie laughed when she heard it. She wondered if she could ask for such a thing. “It’s not that. Can you
talk to me for a while? I’m slightly nervous.”

She didn’t know why, but she felt more nervous after she summoned the courage to make this call. She
felt anxious when talking to Dexter.

At this time, Ivy came in. She hesitated when she saw that he was on the phone.

Dexter indicated for her to speak.

Ivy leaned close and spoke sofily in his ears. “There is an investigation team at the scene in plain
clothes. They’re on the left. I just received the information.”

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